Gold Is Going Above $2,500

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Saturday, Aug 06, 2022 - 13:31

Submitted by QTR's Fringe Finance

Thank you so much for your continued support of Fringe Finance, we have scorched through 22,000 subscribers and had hundreds of thousands of reads on the content I put out last week. This past week I covered a number of important topics:

  • The two catalysts I think that could send gold above $2,500/oz.

  • Why the jobs number last week may have actually been terrible news for the stock market

  • Which stocks I was looking at in the wake of the Nancy Pelosi/Taiwan drama

  • Why is China really locking down a million Wuhan residents again?

  • And why lying about the definition of “recession” is only going to make the crash worse

The links to these stories are below, but first, if you are not a subscriber, I would absolutely love to welcome you with this 70% off sale I’ve been running at points this summer:

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Paid subscribers get access to all of my posts, including my portfolio updates, where I lay out what I am trading and why. For those who have been following the blog for a while, you’ll notice that a majority of the posts have been locked for paid subscribers.

After a successful first year for the blog making much of the content free, this is a conscious shift I am making to trying to monetize a bit more.

Here’s the latest from the shit show this week:

Friday’s "Great" Jobs Number Could Spell Big Trouble For The Stock Market

In this article, published on Friday, I take a quick second to wrap up the game theory behind why Friday’s "good news" jobs number definitely isn't "good news" for equity markets going forward.

Today's "Great" Jobs Number Could Spell Big Trouble For The Stock Market

Don't Look Now, But China Just Locked Down A Million Wuhan Residents Again

A million residents have been placed on lockdown. Are these more Covid precautions, or could something far more sinister be going on behind the scenes?

Don't Look Now, But China Just Locked Down A Million Wuhan Residents Again

Lying About The Economy Will Only Make The Coming Crash Worse

I also wrote this past week about how the Biden administration lying about the definition of “recession” would only make things worse when the crash hits. In terms of calibrating the expectation of investors to the market going forward, this is an egregious sin. When the shit starts hitting the fan - and it will - I don’t want you to be surprised when you see the headlines about how shocked and caught off-guard everybody was by the fact that a sharp market selloff took place so quickly.

Lying About The Economy Will Only Make The Coming Crash Worse

How I’m Navigating The Taiwan/China/Pelosi Drama In Markets

On Wednesday, I offered some very quick thoughts about the market, given the developing news about Pelosi and Taiwan.

How I’m Navigating The Taiwan/China/Pelosi Drama In Markets

Gold Is Go To Go: Interview With Palisades Gold Radio

Later in the week I did an interview with Palisades Gold Radio, explaining the two catalysts I see for gold ripping higher. We also talked China, the Fed & crypto.

Gold Is Going To Go!

Added To One Sector I Love Thursday Morning

Thursday presented an interesting buying opportunity in one sector I wrote about just days ago in a subscriber only update. One sector I talked about that I think is going to be integral - and specifically one stock I pointed out - sold off on Thursday in what I believed was a great opportunity to add to my position, which I did.

You can read my most recent update to my portfolio here and my full July 2022 portfolio update here.

China Spied On The Fed & Detained, Threatened A U.S. Economist For Policy Information

Sounds insane, right? Read that headline again. But every word of it is true - and the best part? Jerome Powell didn’t seem to give a shit at all. The details to this story were stunning. You can read my take here:

China Spied On The Fed & Detained, Threatened U.S. Economist For Policy Information

Inflation, Recession or Both?

This is the only question that matters for people who want to make money in the market for the next year. What’ll it be? My mostly useless take on where we are heading:

Inflation, Recession Or Both?

Russia and China Announce A New Global Reserve Currency

I have over 100,000 reads on my most popular article of last week, wherein I describe exactly how Russia and China are teaming up to take on the U.S. dollar with their own reserve currency. It’s a stunning story, free for all to read, and of course nobody in the West has noticed or gives a shit about it. Go figure.

Russia And China Officially Announce A "New Global Reserve Currency"

Since the beginning of the year, I have been writing about the possibility of Russia and China challenging the US dollar’s global reserve status. Now, it’s happening.

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