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Tuesday, Aug 09, 2022 - 12:38
Another Florida resident who received unwanted visitors at his estate.
Another Florida resident who received unwanted visitors at his estate.

Banana Republic Update

It looks like the judge who signed the warrant to raid Mar-a-Logo is former Jeffrey Epstein lawyer Bruce Reinhart. 

Although the warrant is sealed, and Reinhart is one of three federal magistrates in the Southern District of Florida, a Court Listener search shows only Reinhart's name associated with search warrants this month. 

And, to add to the questionable circumstances here, Reinhart had previously recused himself from a case involving Trump.

Welcome To Latin America

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is clearly banana republic-level stuff: federal police targeting an opposition leader for obviously political reasons. You'd think this would be obvious to the former editor of the Financial Times, but you'd be wrong. 

Fortunately, it was obvious to many Americans on the right, including ones who aren't Trump supporters. Below is a sampling of some of their reactions, followed by a thread that puts the persecution of Trump in a broader context. 

Pedro Gonzalez has been a Trump critic from the right. 

Hopefully, Lindsay Graham's limp-wristed response to Monday's outrage will put some distance between him and Trump.

A good thread on the pandora's box that gets opened when political candidates get prosecuted.

A reminder that John McCain, one of the Keating Five, was never treated the way Trump has been.

Maybe America's hip-deep involvement in the Ukraine is making us more like that paragon of democracy.

A Florida politician suggests a radical response.

Varad Mehta is another anti-Trump Republican who nevertheless sees the raid for what it was.

Looking at the Big Picture

A good thread on what Trump represents, why he triggered this response, and what might come next. 


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