Vox Media has Gone Completely Insane and Allows You to Choose What Race You Identify As

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by blueapples
Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022 - 22:49

For the average American, making ends meet is tough even when you aren't in the midst of a recession. The Biden Administration that swears that we aren't in a recession despite consecutive quarters with a declining GDP might give credence to that assertion by pointing to the fact that the June payrolls report showed multiple jobholders had the biggest impact on the US labor market during the last month of available data.

With the competition for a second job getting tougher, prospective employees need to be more adept at the application process in order to even get consideration for a position, let alone being selected for it. Fortunately, Vox Media has made that challenge much more surmountable by allowing applicants to choose the gender, race, sexual orientation, veteran status, and even disability status that they identify as.

In an era of abundant cognitive dissonance, it only stands to reason that the logical inconsistencies of a political ideology would ultimately undermine its very foundation. These tenants of "progressive" politics' emphasis on diversity and inclusion illustrate that point to the nth degree.

Rampant deindividualization is necessary to lead followers of any ideological movement to be herded together liked sheep. Much like joining a cult, the identity of the adherent must be stripped entirely so that the void left in its place will encourage them to seek something out to give themselves meaning. That sense of purpose isn't actually achieved as much as it is assumed and its legitimacy isn't judged on merit as much as it is from the reaffirmation of the adherent by the insular group literally built upon the ideology. An existential nightmare that contradictory could only breed social norms that would make Franz Kafka rest well in his grave knowing he avoided a dystopian phantasmagoria that makes The Trial read more like Goodnight Moon.

Imagine a world where you actually are a transgender disabled veteran from an indigenous North American tribe. Over the years, you've supported a political apparatus to address the discrimination and other hardships you perceive to experience when seeking employment. Throughout that crusade, you've tirelessly espoused the importance of laws that protect gender affirming care and that a person's identity permeates through the barrier previously created by the immutable laws of nature and physics. Yet, in doing so you've failed to see that all the while you were digging your own ideological grave.

All the sanctimony it took to make how a person identifies an untouchable subject has made a person's identity impossible to challenge. With employers especially concerned with the ramifications of that faux pas, the recourse for lying on a job application to assume an identity that would fair better with a Chief Diversity Officer are probably de minimis. At worst, they sublimate the apparent fallacy of their ideological position internally by casting blame upon the applicant for misrepresenting themselves. Years of being programmed into a corporate NPC would mean they know better than dare to express that thought at the risk of providing fodder for a potential discrimination lawsuit that could consecrate the self inflicted demise of this brand of identity politics into actual case law.

Like any radical trend, a regression to the mean is sure to take place eventually. The precarious position that cultivating an overly sensitive and affirming political climate centered around self identity has put its proponents in may be the point in which the tables have turned against them. While the premise of identity being extended to race is a concept that politicians like Elizabeth Warren may look at approvingly, the negative perception it would undoubtedly have from the demographics that progressivism panders to will likely keep the neologism "racial identity" from ever entering into the cultural lexicon.

However, that doesn't mean the development isn't without consequence. The sheer fact that those groups have been put into that position by the political and social elites whose insatiable appetite to redraw the foundations of humanity into their own image may prove to be the wake up call that leads to some of those sheep finally finding a way to leave the herd.

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