John Podesta Will Not Go Away, Named Biden's New Climate Spending Tsar

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by blueapples
Saturday, Sep 03, 2022 - 1:56

I once watched a video of a forensic psychologist who routinely examined public figure's body language as running theme of her YouTube channel take on John Podesta. While her constant pauses to point out idiosyncrasies in Podesta's latent neurosis painted a particularly unflattering portrait of Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff, her conclusion that "he looked like someone who simply wasn't comfortable in their own body" more pointedly surmised his off-putting disposition. Podesta's return to politics will turn the tables on the American people by making them the ones who are extremely uncomfortable as they grapple with the idea that he'll be in charge of close to $370 billion in funds earmarked for clean energy investments and other climate change spending.

Podesta is of course, a staple of corrupt Democratic Presidential Administrations and campaigns. One of the closest member of the Clinton's inner circle, Podesta served as Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff before taking up the mantle of the of Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign manager. Yet despite his accolades and curriculum vitae covering decades of experience, Podesta is better known to many for his creepy personality which has forged a cult of personality that has put Biden's newest climate Tsar at the the center of some of the most disturbing "conspiracy theories" to emerge from the political arena.

Just years before Jeffrey Epstein was arrested once again for sex crimes, John Podesta was a central figure of a political narrative which foreshadowed the government-backed sex trafficking conspiracies which the former of the two would bring to light. "Pizzagate" became an archetypal conspiracy theory for this most vile form of government corruption as its damning claims were distorted by those shaping political narratives to turn the claims made against Podesta into a proverbial strawman that they could easily shoot down.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

What gave the claims of a deep state sanctioned child sex abuse conspiracy even a semblance of credibility was the emergence of emails hacked from Podesta which put the Clinton Campaign into crisis mode. In order to divert attention away from the content of the emails themselves as well as the fact that Podesta used something tantamount to Password1234 as the password for his email account, the Clinton Campaign began crafting their baseless Russiagate conspiracy as a j'accuse against anyone who raised legitimate ethical and criminal concerns about the former first lady's efforts at being elected president.

Emails of Podesta's often were transcribed using obvious and unsettling codes like "pizza related handkerchief maps" and other seeming nonsequitors that left readers puzzled. What those emails often revealed was some of Podesta's personal endeavors in which the hosts of a home he was staying at discussed having children as young as 6 brought to meet the political strategist for some time together in a heated pool as "further entertainment" during his stay. The inescapable plain meaning of the text of that email chain removed any confusion surrounding Podesta's exploits that were previously obfuscated from his pizzacentric cypher of words. That, combined with the explicit child abuse focused art of his brother Tony and similar images found on the Instagram account of devout Democrat fundraiser James Alefantis created an inextricable undertone of child abuse rooted at the core of so many of Podesta's emails.

A selection from the Tony Podesta art collection.

Yet, as was the case for Lawrence E. King of the Franklin Credit Union and those involved with Dyncorp's human trafficking operations during the Yugoslav War, Podesta would escape any real consequences from the pizzagate controversy. Instead, he would became the last thing that Clinton supporters ushered into the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn would see as he stumbled over himself to hold onto the faintest of embers of hope that Clinton's doomed camaign could rise from its ashes.

While Podesta's best efforts were to no avail in 2016, the failed presidential campaign he led apparently won't be his last foray into politics. Podesta, like Clinton, will just not go matter how badly the American public wishes they would. With former EPA Director Gina McCarthy set to step down from the role of Biden's chief domestic climate adviser, the vacancy she leaves puts Podesta back in the cesspool that made him the man he is after so many years. 

With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, Democrats have put the money printer back to work with billions upon billions of dollars aimed fighting climate change. The $369 billion earmarked for clean energy spending represents nearly one-half of the total $740 billion included in the package. “The Inflation Reduction Act is the biggest step forward on clean energy and climate in history, and it paves the way for additional steps we will take to meet our clean energy and climate goals,” Biden said in a statement announcing his new climate team. Though he envisioned McCarthy at the helm, her resignation will take effect on September 16th, making way for Skippy to enter back into the fold.

A lot is said about optics in all of the political theater that is presented. If anyone doubted the corrupt ulterior motives at the core of the Inflation Reduction Act, the law's inseparable association with John Podesta should remove any skepticism they have. An exemplar of corruption incarnate, Podesta is the embodiment of everything wrong with not only government but a world where an unbridled thirst for power that caters to the utmost depraved in society sees them ride to its upper-most echelons. Podesta's appointment, like so many overt messages, does no more than add insult to injury to a country whose citizens have all but lost faith in their institutions of government entirely.

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