What Problem Does Gold Solve?

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by GoldCore
Tuesday, Sep 13, 2022 - 13:35

Realising that you need to protect your portfolio from financial systemic risks is a tricky thing. Because, not only have you identified that all is not well in the economy but you now need to make a decision about how best to protect your investments. 

In all likelihood, this is why you own or are thinking about owning gold bullion. 

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Have you ever asked yourself?

  • What problem does gold solve in today’s environment? 
  • Should I own gold ETFs or gold bullion?
  • What is and how can you reduce counterparty risk?

GoldCore founder and CEO Stephen Flood answers these questions and more in his chat on The Capital Club podcast. Podcast host Brian Adams does a great job asking Stephen the key questions about the need to hold gold, what kind of gold we should hold and what allocation to gold we should have. 

Whether you enjoy your podcasts in the car, in the bath or when you’re walking the dog this is a great listen for anyone who is interested in gold ownership and the state of the financial system.

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