How Globalist Elites Want to Impoverish Mankind

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by Rebel Capitalist
Monday, Sep 19, 2022 - 12:30


The past century has witnessed the rise of a rootless cosmopolitan class of elites who want to transform countries across the globe in accordance to their fantastical vision

These individuals view themselves as “enlightened” and above the masses. Due to their arrogance, they believe that they have all the solutions to our problems. The conceit of the anointed at its maximum expression.

Any one who dares question their plots is immediately branded “backwards”, “racist”, and “reactionary.”

From their plots to impose digital currencies to impoverish millions of people by destroying non-renewable energy sources, these rootless schemers believe that their globalist vision must be imposed on the rest of the world….

At all costs.

That’s the ethos that animates the World Economic Forum and similar globalist institutions

These people are working diligently to cook up all sorts of anti-human projects to make all of our lives miserable. 

They hate national sovereignty and the various concepts that made the West great — Rule of law, private property rights, and voluntary association.

They are truly the enemies of humanity and must be stopped. 

Before we can truly confront these globalist creeps, we must understand what motivates them and the plans they’re rolling out. 

So make sure to check out George Gammon's video on the World Economic Forum’s evil plot to impoverish the planet.

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