The Inflationary Train Is Flying Off The Tracks

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by quoth the raven
Friday, Oct 14, 2022 - 11:00

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CPI once again came in far exceeding estimates today, further proving what I have suggested for months: that the inflationary train is flying off the tracks and that the Fed not only has very little control, but is destined to overshoot its mark and tank both the stock market and the economy.

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And in case you’ve missed it, here’s what’s new.

Earlier this week, I released Mark Spiegel’s latest, in which he explains why he thinks markets have continued downside and where he reveals a new long position, in addition to opining on his legacy longs and explaining why he believes Tesla’s growth story is “over”: Markets Have More Downside & Tesla's Hypergrowth Story Is Over: Mark Spiegel

Yesterday, I wrote about why Ben Bernanke winning the Nobel Prize was nothing more than a sick joke. As I noted, the man who failed to see the 2008 crisis in advance is being heralded for his "economic research". 14 years later, we are still paying the inflationary & moral hazard cost for his "solutions" - which manifested this morning, yet again, in an 8.2% CPI print: Ben Bernanke Winning The Nobel Prize In Economics Is A Sick Joke

Last week I wrote about the “Illusion of Safety” - why I think “dip buying” may still be a terrible idea with stocks at these levels: The Illusion Of Safety

Also late last week, my friend and real estate expert Kira Mason took the reins, talking about how quickly and drastically the housing market has shifted.

“Though I’ve watched the Philadelphia housing market mirror national trends by slowing from a sprint to a trot to a crawl over the course of the last six months, nothing could have prepared me for the suddenness of this most recent shift,” she wrote.

You can read her analysis of the real estate world here: "Change Is Afoot": Home Buyers "Shocked" By Rates, Sellers Lament Price Plunges

Also late last week, I wrote about how OPEC publicly humiliated President Biden by cutting 2 million barrels of oil production per day, sending prices skyrocketing.

The oil producing nations basically told the U.S. to "shove it", furthering the case that the BRIC nations are moving away from the U.S. dollar and separating economically from the West: OPEC Humiliates President Biden On A Global Stage

Moving on to Covid…

This weekend I pointed out how Twitter censored the State of Florida’s surgeon general, who has officially recommended against mRNA vaccines for younger men of certain age groups: Twitter Censors, Then Un-Censors Florida Surgeon General After He Warns On mRNA Vaccines

Last weekend, I wrote about the outrageous fact that Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance is still getting millions in taxpayer money to study bat coronaviruses - as recently as last month! Daszak is the head of the taxpayer funded EcoHealth Alliance, which “funnelled hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology”. Daszak has worked closely with “bat woman” Shi Zhengli in modifying and researching coronaviruses: Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Was Just Awarded Another NIH Grant To Study Bat Coronaviruses

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