America is Governed by the Stupidest and Most Pernicious Elites Ever

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by Rebel Capitalist
Sunday, Oct 16, 2022 - 22:45

It’s no exaggeration to say that we are being governed by the most incompetent and pettiest ruling class in American history.

Say what you want about politicians throughout the 19th century up until the middle of the 20th century, they at least exercised restraint on economic and foreign policy affairs.

This was no coincidence. These men not only respected the Founding Fathers but were also well read on political theory, history, and economics, like any proper elite should be.

Contrast that to our present rulers. They are a toxic combination of dumb and evil.

These politicians label themselves as “elite”, but have a toddler’s understanding of economics.

Moreover, the absolutely brazen nature of the political class’s behavior is something else. All that talk about “serving the public” and “fighting for the common man” becomes an afterthought once these Congress critters become fully assimilated into the DC Swamp.

This is why you see a uniparty in DC that supports never-ending wars, fiat money, massive taxation, and a business-destroying regulatory state. Some things never change…

All of this is designed to impoverish the American populace, while enriching the political class.

Our very own George Gammon has no time for political BS.

Having had to confront politicians before, George understands the parasitic nature of these people.

Politicians don’t serve the public interest. They’re economically illiterate, self-interested, and looking for every way possible to stay in office.

George recently made an appearance on the Fox Business show Making Money with Charles Payne to talk about the absolutely absurd state of economic and political affairs in America.

Make sure to check out George’s interview on Fox Business here.

—Team Rebel Capitalist 

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