Russia-Poland-Cargill Split Ukraine: Americans Wait On Reach Around

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by philbutler
Friday, Nov 11, 2022 - 7:27

Russians are perplexed at the news that troops will retreat from the right bank of the Dnieper River. Considering all the recent setbacks, this has made even the most stalwart patriots in Moscow feel testy. Just as anticipation of a significant Russian offensive is on the horizon, Russian forces take the exit stage left yet again. And at precisely the moment when General Sergei “Armageddon” Surovikin had Kyiv ready to beg for mercy and electricity, it seems like somebody pulled the ripcord. The whole world is squirming. Russian back channels are a flurry of complaints. And nobody seems to know anything. This is strange since the answer is as plain as the proverbial nose on anybody’s face. The elites have put the brakes on.

Ukraine wheat production 1991
Lviv, western Ukraine 1991 - Wheat Harvest on a Collective Farm - manhhai

To be honest, I was astonished to hear the news from Putin’s Defense Minister Shoigu myself. I contacted a few insiders to see what was up, but their disbelief at the news was as chiseled as my own. Then it hit me: Putin, the history student. And, Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan connecting with his counterpart in Russia, former FSB Director Nikolai Patrushev, had experts like retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor and others speculating this week about U.S. boots ready to hit the ground in western Ukraine. MacGregor, the soldier, dubbed “America’s finest warfighter” after his exploits in Iraq, was on Judging Freedom warning of the idiocy of committing troops.

The backchannel talks between the former deputy to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's aide were probably more about a peace deal than a nuclear warning aimed at Putin. The newsreel on Sullivan supposedly threatening the Kremlin about “what if” Russia uses a nuke was a sham intended to let Biden and his boss Barack Obama save face.

Yes, it now seems more evident that Biden, Obama, Hillary, and whoever wound them up (read on) is running this horror show. Save that for later. The Russians pulling back across the Dnieper River (which subdivides Ukraine) and letting what’s left of Zelenzky’s Nazis take it is about partitioning Ukraine. We should have known this was in the offing the instant Putin's ally, Chechyan warlord Ramzan Kadyrov swore this would never happen. His message was to the faithful, though some did not hear it—factor in Sullivan’s visit and talks with Putin’s advisors. Take note of how Zelensky is backing up on the assertion he would not talk to anyone but Putin’s successor. Then, Europe needs the grain from Ukraine (this is key).

So, now we face a new world with a precedent from the 1600s. I won’t bore you with the history lesson (read the linked paper), but this current Ukraine mess is part of the never-ending mess Europe has always been. And to certify I am right, just consider the opposite of what the Atlantic Council says here. The Russians say Poland will move into western Ukraine; the Washington think tanks say it’s a lie, which means it’s the truth.

So, let’s get down to it. Who is pulling the strings on this proxy war in Ukraine? Cargill is one of the concerns running Washington. I wonder how many know this? I’m pretty sure very few will have noticed that this American group owns Ukraine’s biggest grain terminal. Last year the investor bought the controlling stake in a Ukraine concern called Neptune, which owns the country’s largest grain terminal outside Odessa, and just about everything surrounding it. But a grain terminal on the Black Sea is only a hint at what’s happening on the steppes of Russia. Let’s warm up with a Tweet by President Biden back in May when baby formula was in short supply.

Biden-Cargill deal
Joe Biden hooking up Cargill for more profits a month after the Russia's incursion into Ukraine

Now that we’re focused on Cargill, the group’s questionable record in Central America is a point we should not miss. When Vice President Kamala Harris announced corporations “investing” in Guatemala and other countries in the region to allegedly stem the flow of migrants to America via her “Call to Action” initiative, a red flag popped up for me. Remember Cargill and Nestlé resumed business with Guatemalan palm oil supplier REPSA (Reforestadora de Palma S.A.) in 2018? This company has one of the worst records on Earth where corruption, bribery, violence, and intimidation are concerned. Yes, Central America, but I use the example to show what we all already understand. These multinationals are the root cause of many of the problems humanity faces. And it’s not just energy companies. Activists have described Cargill as “the worst company in the world,” and for good reasons. Wage fixing in the U.S. too? Cargille, Bill Gates, and lab-made meat?

Most people don’t realize that Cargill is a family-owned private company. Founded by W.W. Cargill at the end of the American Civil War in 1865, the company has 14 billionaire owners. These secretive American oligarchs run a company so huge it's unimaginable. Put it this way, and if you ate today, chances are the ingredients in your food made these billionaires money. They are the Rothschilds of the United States, and their business dealings are as dastardly as the very worst of the Yeltsin era Russian oligarch pirates. Think for a minute. The American people are footing a $100 billion bill for running a proxy war thousands of miles from home and against nuclear-tipped Russia.

Meanwhile, Cargill family billionaires and their Walmart buddies rake in vast fortunes from it all. So we are not simply being milked for weapons to kill Russians. Instead, we are being hit at both ends without so much as a reach around. You get it, I know, but did you know Hunter Biden is also tied into all this? That’s another story, but the World Food Program chaired by then V.P. Biden’s son is a meaningful side note here. This report from 2014, “Delivering Hope” is enough proof these reptiles are “not even worth the powder and lead,” as my mom used to say. Those wheat ships Putin allowed to leave Ukraine were not bound for Mogadishu or Yemen, I can tell you that. Cargill and others made profits from Europeans on those shipments.

It should come as no surprise, that Cargill was accused of wartime profiteering during WWI. Cargill allegedly tried to corner the market on corn during the Great Depression in the 1930s. In WW2, the company got bonanza government contracts that made it a grain-exporting behemoth. And it was Cargill that destroyed the American “farm to table” agriculture that blessed our nation with healthy choices. And now, the family who took over the small American farm is with Joe Biden, at war with Russia, over Ukraine. Let me lay this on you. Since Joe Biden took office, the wealth of Marianne Liebmann's granddaughter, the company founder's great-granddaughter, has doubled from a low of $2.7 billion to over $5 billion today. The Guardian reported recently that souring food prices because of the Ukraine affair are making the Cargill family coffers overflow these days. Do you think these bloodless vampires want Odessa controlled by Vladimir Putin?

Finally, it is said that Cargill’s political and economic intelligence on food and agriculture exceeds even the intel the CIA gets and analyzes. Cargill knowingly invests in and buys from countries where child labor produces the products the company profits from. In Uzbekistan, for instance, the company’s representatives have admitted cotton soured produced by child labor and unpaid workers. I could go on and on, but the point is well made here and in thousands of documents elsewhere. Companies like Cargill, PepsiCo, and Nestle, still trading with Russia in full view of the Biden White House, are behind this Ukraine war. And now, they’re behind a looming partition of Ukraine that may end the country altogether. As for Kherson region, this news may change the meaning of Russia's recent "Together Forever" campaign. Giving up the port to the Polish/America gang may make it "Together Until." 

Putin for now
Vladimir Putin welcomes the four southern regions to Russia - Kremlin photo

Millions may starve, millions may perish under missile fire, and the whole world may erupt into a global thermonuclear war, but these filthy billionaires will win no matter what. Do you want to call for a war crimes tribunal? Start with the people standing behind the machine guns. Start with the Nazi-makers. As President Joe Biden commented about Cargill recently, they are “too big to fail.” Oh, and for the libtards out there, be sure and shed a tear for Zelensky and the new Polish Ukrainians. The Russian ones are good. Putin's agreement for Ukraine's partitioning will accomplish more than even his special military operation was intended to accomplish. 

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