Why America is Not Immune From Economic Armageddon

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by Rebel Capitalist
Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022 - 13:00


They said it couldn’t happen here.

The pundit class and the critters slithering in the DC swamp claim that the United States is “exceptional” and cannot suffer any potential collapse.

Such arrogance is typical of political classes caught up in episodes of delusion. 

The fact is all political institutions are created by humans, which comes with all of their attendant flaws.

Even the most prosperous of societies can still fall down the predictable path of civilizational decline.

No society is immune to these harsh realities and it’s one reason why people must read up on their history so that the preventable mistakes of the past aren’t repeated in the present.

Unfortunately, most people are not reading up on their history these days and instead fall for the blatant lies of the Fake News media and cheap demagoguery of politicians. 

Over the last two years, government’s worldwide showed their true colors in how they responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. By imposing lockdowns and draconian social distancing standards, Western elites showed everyone what they’re capable of doing to their most productive citizens.

Now the US and its partners in the Collective West are experiencing shortages in all sorts of goods thanks to the supply chain disruptions the government-sponsored lockdowns caused.

This isn’t because of greedy capitalists or the failure of the free market.

It’s due to the elephant in the living room that is government intervention.

The quicker we recognize that the government is at fault here the more prosperous we will end up being as a society.

But first we must educate ourselves on these critical subjects.

In the meantime, make sure to tune into one of George Gammon’s recent videos on the potential diesel shortage crisis that could strike the US.

—Team Rebel Capitalist

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