Here's Why We Can Expect One of the Worst Flu Seasons in Memory This Winter

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Sunday, Dec 11, 2022 - 15:32

Authored by J. Kim of skwealthacademy substack


I am predicting a much worse flu season than normal around the world because when people were locked down, whether under deplorable laws implemented by immoral politicians and health authorities in Australia/ New Zealand/ Asia, or under less draconian but still harmful laws in the West, in response to a relatively harmless virus, Covid, except to the extremely unhealthy, obese, those with compromised immune systems, and the elderly.  Politicians, not the virus, destroyed and compromised immune systems of their citizens while they ensured their immune systems stayed strong by regularly dismissing the isolating lockdown measures they imposed upon their citizens and living their lives as normal.

However, a basic knowledge of immunology, which zero of the lockdown maniac politicians possessed, will inform one that locking down people for significant portions of an entire year or in the Asian region, for two or three years, will most definitely compromise people’s immune systems just as infants that stay cooped up inside a home for the first three years of their lives will also likely be very sickly toddlers once they start interacting with other young children. Humans need regular exposure to bacteria and viruses that comes from regular human interaction on a daily basis. Take this away for two to three years and it’s not too difficult to predict some terrible flu/cold seasons this year in all the cities around the world in which politicians enacted unscientific lockdown policies in which this will be the first winter of freedom in a while.

Furthermore, omnipresent hand sanitizer sprays mandated to enter Big Box retail stores and even mom and pop shops constantly killed good bacteria that thrives on our skin, actually making bacteria and viruses easier, instead of more difficult, to spread.  Consequently, governments turned millions of its citizens into “the boy in the bubble”, unable to fight off dangerous bacteria and viruses in our environment with the success rate that accompanies normal interaction rates with other human beings.

This year, I’ve been ill two times for more than five days. The last time I was ill for more than five days was more than 10 years ago as my immune system is normally humming from eating a high nutrition diet, and regular workouts with weight sleds and other full body exercises. However, two years of long stretches of lockdowns robbed me of the ability to eat a high nutrition diet (as I had to eat whatever could be delivered to me instead of the normal diet of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats I consume) and also of an ability to stress my body physically in executing my normal workout routine.

I blame my two extended periods of illness directly to the two years of idiotic, unscientific Covid lockdowns I had to endure the previous two years. And understanding my body and how rare it is for me to suffer any type of extended illness and unsurprisingly suffering two periods of extended illness in my first year out of lockdowns, I predict absolute disaster will befall millions of Chinese whose immunity is currently being destroyed by the CCP’s unscientific, stupid Zero Covid policies that have subjected hundreds of millions of Chinese to isolation for three years now.  Mark my words, illness is going to spread like wildfire throughout China in the first year after Zero Covid policies end. And furthermore, I predict unusually high rates of flu/colds in those cities around the world that also enacted strict lockdown policies last year.

And for those of you that called me crazy at the end of 2020 for predicting that the Covid lockdowns around the world would not end until 2023, at a time when much of the Western mass media was declaring the end of Covid lockdowns, just listen to this podcast here in which I made that prediction and this one here that provided more fundamental fodder for that prediction. In the first link, I discuss the global economic reasons why Covid lockdowns could not end before 2023 and in the second, I discuss global policy documents from the World Economic Forum that gave rise to Zero Covid policies in China throughout this year. At one point, I even extended my prediction to 2025 before the end of Zero Covid policies but with the unrest in China now, I think the likelihood of Covid lockdowns being extended to 2025 is probably rapidly dwindling. Instead, as I wrote here, I believe that the Man-Made Global Warming Scam will be the scam used to further strip us of our liberties in future years rather than Covid lockdowns. And the non-thinking pods that supported the stripping of their own liberties during the Covid lockdown scam will also serve as the prisoners running the prison during the man-made Global Warming Scam.

But back to the irreparable harm created by the non-scientific, Great Reset agenda-driven “leaders” of our world, like NZ PM Jacinda Arden, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Victoria Premier Dan Andrews, NSW Premier Gladys Berejeklian, NAIAD Director Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and countless other MPs and Congressmen. Because of their non-scientific enforced Covid lockdown policies that greatly weakened the immune systems of billions around the world, I am predicting that this flu season and the next will be among the worst of our lifetimes. Maybe the same politicians beholden to the Great Reset directives will even use an unusually strong flu season that is of their doing to lock everyone down within their jurisdictions once again. And if they do so, they will ensure that next winter will be an even worse flu/cold season in their cities.

China, when it finally opens up its cities again, having enforced the longest and most indecent of lockdowns that violate all basic human rights, will undoubtedly suffer the worst cases of mass illness of any nation in the world. Expect mass breakouts of severe illness in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and many other cities once inhumane Covid lockdown restrictions are finally lifted for good. Some of you may recall that I warned friends in Shanghai to immediately leave Shanghai in late 2020 when they had the chance, or face two more years of lockdowns with little respite once lockdowns returned.  Many of you reading this that were not subjected to the most draconian of Covid lockdowns probably won’t understand the massive levels of immuno-compromised citizens that resulted from these inhumane policies.

However, since I lived in a region where this happened, I also know that such regions contained citizens from all over the world, that once escape was possible, left these severe Covid lockdown regions and dispersed to settle in nations all around the world.

So, many of these people, especially those that don’t exercise regularly and eat for pleasure rather than nutrition, will become super spreaders of disease in other nations due to their immuno-compromised status. And you can thank all the lockdown fanatic politicians, as well as academics like Brown University  Emily Oster, for these results when they manifest.

We have 350 trillion viruses in our body, many of which infect bacteriophages. Even as of the end of 2022, scientists are still studying the relationships between these trillions of viruses and bacteria that reside inside our body to try to determine the exact function of these relationships. Most people today simply think of bacteria and viruses as bad, due to propagandists that forward psyops like Oster and Fauci, and are completely ignorant of the fact that many of the viruses and bacteria in our body keep us alive, and that without them, we would be very vulnerable to becoming sickly much more often than we do. What remains unknown, other than the fact that extended Covid lockdowns wreaked havoc on our gut biomes and the healthy relationships of viruses and bacteria in our body, is the extent of the damage politicians’ lockdowns wreaked on the immune system of their billions of constituents.



A very simple rudimentary understanding of immunology is all that is required to understand that past Covid lockdowns will now manifest in the highest rates of flu and other common diseases that we have witnessed in recent history in our cities. If you’re worried about this, I recommend loading up on Vitamin D3, zinc, echinacea, starting a regular exercise program if you’ve never engaged in one, and cutting down on the Coca Cola, hamburgers, pizzas and chips in exchange for more consumption of fresh organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and meats. I also highly recommend that at a minimum, you watch the last five minutes of the associated podcast tied to this article, especially if you decided to receive the Covid immunization. You may watch that here. Stay strong everyone and take proactive measures to stay healthy through this winter.

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