The Most Important Part Of The Prisoner Swap Was Missed

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by Capitalist Exploits
Friday, Dec 23, 2022 - 12:19

It was missed entirely by the “lamestreet” media. I’ll come to what that is in a minute, but first some remarks on this prisoner swap that just took place.

This entire event really is a testament to the fall of the empire.

Brittney Griner prisoner swap

In a prisoner swap between the Russkies and the US the Americans gave up former Soviet Army lieutenant colonel Viktor Bout, whom the Justice Department once described as one of the world’s most prolific arms dealers.

“Wow! They must have gotten someone super high profile in return, Chris? Chris???”

Umm… nah. The Americans got a ball-juggling lesbian drug addict.

Fitting, really. It ticked all their woke boxes, except veganism.

Though who knows, maybe he/she is one. We can now expect a deluge of woke media depicting Griner as a hero, in from the cold. Probably even an entire TV show devoted.

If you haven’t followed it, my friend Nick commented the following. It was so accurate I had to share it with you.

Let me see if I have this right, the US government had the Thai government arrest Bout, extradite him, and then sentence him to 25 years in prison because he was planning to sell weapons to rebels in Colombia that might have been used against US soldiers there.

Then the media gives him a catchy and scary nickname “the Merchant of Death” and then their cousins in Hollywood make a movie about him with Nicolas Cage.

Smells like bull shit to me.

The US and American citizens engage in this behavior all the time, but they are the “good guys” and nobody makes a movie about them, gives them a catchy nickname, nor arrests them in 3rd countries and then sends them to prison for 25 years.

Consider if the CEO of Lockheed Martin was arrested while on vacation in Mexico, on behalf of the Russian government because he trafficked weapons to Ukraine, was extradited to Moscow and sentenced to 25 years in a Russian prison. The media and the US would lose their shit.

Spot on! Oh, and that thing… the most important part entirely missed which I thought noteworthy about this.

Do ya know where the exchange took place?

Here, I’ll give you a hint. Remember the Continental Hotel from the movie John Wick?

DelMonico's hotel

You all remember what the Continental represents in the John Wick films?

It represents safe territory. It is where all the assassins can go to conduct business without fearing for their lives. It is the glass house nobody will throw stones in.

It is what Switzerland used to represent.

So back to the question. Well, a mere decade ago this swap would have been in Geneva, Switzerland.

Now? Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I know few will take notice of this… or much less understand the significance of it. That’s fine.

Really, the rest is merely noise to me, but as I’ve pointed out before, THIS is the new region of the world where deals are now brokered. It is a decisive shift in the center of power in the world, and it is eastwards.

If I am right, by the end of this decade the UAE will have become the new Switzerland of the globe.

Don’t @ me about how it’s hotter than hell and the sand — all the sand — and how it’s a dictatorship.

I don’t make the rules. I just play the game.

- Chris MacIntosh | Insider #261 Newsletter

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