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Friday, Dec 23, 2022 - 16:34

Authored by J. Kim of skwealthacademy substack


Here is a summary of the 20 most popular articles (by reads and shares) I published on my substack platform this year, with a brief synopsis and link to the complete story for those that missed the original publications on my substack newsletter earlier this year.

1.      Russian Gold Sanctions: The Conclusion, 15 March (FREE)

A discussion of the relentless censorship of major internet search engines of all websites that speak truth to financial power, the growing power struggle between gold/silver centers in the East (Shanghai, Moscow) and the West (London, New York) and how the power struggle is likely to resolve.



2.      There Has Not Been a More Accurate BTC Analyst in the World Than ???, 10 November (FREE)

The title of this article is self-explanatory in summarizing its content.



3.      No Bank Account is Safe, 25 November (FREE)

Most bank clients don’t realize that their MMF bank accounts are for the most part, due to legal definitions, assets of the bank and liabilities of the client, and that even bank insurance is of low utility in protecting bank clients’ deposits in the event of bankruptcy due to the fact that most of these insurance accounts would be completely depleted if one major bank went bankrupt before all clients were made whole again. Thus making clients whole would require printing more dollars, euros etc. out of thin air which would cause purchasing power of the fiat currency in question to plummet making the insurance near worthless.



4.      Stack or Cash? 2 September

A deep dive into my opinions on whether my substack readers should’ve been stacking physical Au/Ag at this time.



5.      The Great Silver and Gold Disappearing Act, 7 September

A detailed analysis of disappearing gold and silver from LBMA vaults and COMEX vaults and what these numbers mean.



6.      skwealthacademy stock picks v. Cathie Wood ARKK ETF stock picks: A Comparison of Yields, 22 December (FREE


click the above image to view a larger one


A comparison of realized yields on all 30 skwealthacademy opened and closed stock picks on patreon v. the yields for all 30 stocks picked by Cathie Wood in her ARKK ETF in 2022. J. Kim outperformed Cathie Wood, on average by 135% on each of 30 stock picks.



7.      Why the US Physical Gold/Silver Market is Irrelevant v. the Asian Market, 8 September

A discussion of why Western mass media completely ignores big movements of physical gold and silver out of LBMA vaults in London and COMEX vaults in New York. More importantly, an exposition of Western analysts that acknowledge such movements, but yet still completely ignore the movements in physical gold and silver in Asian/Eastern markets, which often are much more significant than movements in Western markets.



8.      skwealthacademy Becomes First Company in World to Price Services on a Gold Standard, 4 December (FREE)


In the endless debate between gold bugs and BTC maximalists that should be no debate at all,

J. Kim of skwealthacademy puts the revenues of his substack platform on the line by pricing his substack newsletter to the USD price of a constant weight of gold starting in 2023 (2.1445g of gold annually and 0.2128g monthly per the price of a 1-ounce CA gold maple leaf).



9.      The Most Important Article You Will Read All Year, 16 June (FREE)

A summary of how US/Israeli intelligence agencies teamed up to create the first computer virus (Stuxnet) that manifested in real world architecture malfunction (transportation, electric, financial grids, etc.), and how this virus, once its sophisticated code leaked outside the targeted infrastructure (Iranian uranium enrichment program) into the hand of blackhats around the world, endangered critical infrastructure necessary for modern societal survival all around the world that will manifest in 2023 and for years to come.



10.  Investing For Dummies: 9 Rules for Success in a Difficult Investment Environment, 15 September

The nine rules I used to return significant investment yields in a year nearly all assets returned significantly negative yields.



11.  I Predicted the Introduction of BTC ETFs Would Cause Large Crashes in BTC Prices, 8 April (FREE)

A summary of my BTC price predictions that have come true, beginning even prior to the monetization of this platform in November when I called BTC’s price extremely high risk above $65k and issued a sell opinion for BTC at $66,000 on my Patreon platform. A further review of about a dozen additional warnings provided on this platform to never listen to Pomp, Michael Saylor, Kevin O’ Leary and all the others that continuously preached DCA on BTC purchases on the way down and buying the dip. A final review of my BTC price prediction to $17k provided in November and my year-end/ start-to-2023 BTC price target. All my price predictions for the last 18-months on BTC have come true, with the only one that remains to be determined for its accuracy is my year-end/ start-to-2023 BTC price prediction.



12.  skwealthacademy’s J. Kim Destroys the Mainstream Soaring Oil Narrative: Another Mass Media Narrative That Will Fail in the Future, 26 April (FREE); Pulling Back the Curtain on the Oil Price Manipulation Game and All the $380 Oil Price Predictions, 6 July (FREE)

In the 26 April article, I strongly criticized JP Morgan analyst Marco Kolanovic’s prediction of $300 to $500 oil as insanely foolish, and provided a chart predicting that instead oil prices would move in the opposite direction, breaking below $95 per barrel on the way to $82 per barrel. Though at first, oil once again rose to $124 per barrel forming a double top, but then proceeded to crash lower for the entirety of the year as predicted, even heading lower than my prediction to $73 per barrel by mid-December.



13.  How Hackers Almost Brought Down a Global Corporate Giant and Could Bring Down BTC, and Why Air Gapped Systems are NOT Safe from CyberAttacks, 21 June

An incredibly important article that will explain the rise of cyberattacks on sovereign energy infrastructures in coming years.



14.  Bankers Desire to Turn Us All Into Sisyphus, But Here’s How to Avoid This, 10 December

A brief discussion of the increases in items that comprise daily life from 1975 to 2022, how we’re being deceived about these true increases in living costs that outpace increases in median income during the same time period by multiple, and an easy solution to ensure Central Bankers do not degrade the purchasing power of your savings as we move forward in 2023.



15.  What Behind the Scenes Action in Synthetic Precious Metal Markets Forecasts for 2023, 7 December

My analysis of behind the scenes behavior of synthetic gold/silver markets never addressed by Bloomberg, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal or any other mainstream financial media outlet, and what this behavior predicts for Au/Ag prices in 2023.



16.  This Specific Asset is Getting Ready to Explode Higher in Price, 29 November

A review of my bottom calls for an asset class (in reality two different assets), one of which I predicted the exact bottom for in 2022, and has already risen a whopping 37.9% higher in price as of the end of December, and the other of which I was very close in predicting the exact bottom in price, and has already risen a more modest, but still respectable 5.9% higher in price.



17.  How Wall Street Exploits the Gambler’s Mindset of the Retail Investor, 25 August (FREE)

Wall Street understands that very few retail investors they recruit as clients understand intelligent investment strategies that can lead to sustainable wealth building. Thus, they engineered a payout grid for their employees that not only will never maximize client yields while maximizing their employee’s incomes and firm’s revenues, but they also built false narratives for decades, designed to exploit the gambler’s mindset of the average retail investor, to build commitment to unintelligent investment strategies deployed by large commercial investment firms.

Because ridiculous Wall Street oil predictions made a comeback in mainstream media headlines in July, I wrote a second article outlining 7 reasons why my prediction issued in April would hold up for all the people that don’t understand real price mechanisms and that believed the MBA taught nonsense that physical supply/demand dynamics drive the price of commodities.



18.  Nothing is More “American” than Physical Ownership of Gold, 28 October (FREE)

The MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex has positioned ownership of gold as “anti-American” for the entirety of our lifetimes. However, if one truly understands America’s monetary history, nothing can be more “American” than owning all  your savings in physical gold.



19.  Here is Why We Should Expect the Worst Flu Season Ever, 11 December (FREE)

The first of two non-financial articles that went viral on our platform that discusses how every single last politicians that endorsed severe Covid lockdown policies were spineless cowards that understood zero about the science behind the virus and even less about the science behind the experimental Covid drugs they vehemently advocated.



20.  Man-Made Global Warming is the New Covid for 2023, 16 November (FREE)

The second of two non-financial publications here on this platform that attracted a lot of reads likely due to our collective pent-up anger about having cowardly, dishonorable politicians strip us of basic human rights due to false narratives they relentlessly forward as truth because they are part of the global apparatus that supports the Great Reset as a mechanism to transfer the wealth of the world’s citizens entirely to the MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex.


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