How The Great Reset Gang Wants to Impoverish You

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by Rebel Capitalist
Monday, Dec 26, 2022 - 23:30

Of all the international non-governmental institutions, the WEF is among the most pernicious of said institutions.

This is an organization that’s dedicated to promoting technocracy, globalism, and massive expansions in the size of government. 

For those reasons (among many others), sober minds would do everything possible to discredit this organization by exposing its misdeeds. 

If the WEF had its way, it would have you living impoverished in a pod, without a vehicle as you munch on the latest genetically-modified Frankengruel that the elites have approved.

That’s what is at stake at the moment. 

It’s the classic big government vs. free individuals struggle we’ve seen throughout history.

To come out on top, it’s up to us to stay up to date on the globalist’s latest schemes to make our lives miserable.

So what do Klaus Schwab and his globalist cabal have in store for Americans?

Find out in our very own George Gammon’s most recent whiteboard video

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 —Team Rebel Capitalist 


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