Electric Vehicles for Off Grid Survival

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Friday, Dec 30, 2022 - 17:53

The United States recently suffered a major power outage, with a 'once in a lifetime' winter storm bellowing down across the majority of US real estate from Kansas to Georgia.  Many claimed that this was the 'problem' with EV - infrastructure doesn't support the technology.  That is a valid, rational argument, as the US has mostly a crumbling power grid, with some above ground electric lines over 100 years old.  Burying power lines and hardening the infrastructure is not widespread, it happens in new developments, rich areas, and certain places - but we would need the entire grid to be functional in order to support EV.  Some EV companies like Cenntro are focusing on 'platform technologies' and rolling out a full line of vehicles.

That's a solid argument, but that's just one use of EV.  Some homes are totally energy independent, and they even sell electric power back to the utilities.  This is most often Solar but could also be Wind, or Geothermal.  Because these personal home installations usually generate more power than one needs, one could easily power your EV with this energy.  Tesla has a website about this and a program designed to help people find the best tax incentives, and discounts on solar products.

Imagine a world where you self-power your house and EV.  In a situation like we had this winter, which involved the total loss of electric power, you may be one of the only cars on the road.  Preppers have known this for a long time, they call it 'off grid' but this is just now starting to filter in the mainstream.

People are aware that there's something more to these storms than meets the eye.  Earth is changing rapidly, and some are calling it 'climate collapse' not climate change.  The limited hangout, however, is the WHY.  The sold false narrative is that it's being caused by carbon and factories.  Humans are carbon based life forms so if we are going to reduce the carbon footprint on this planet we may as well commit mass suicide, right Bill?  There is geological evidence that Earth experiences cyclical rapid cataclysms, and that the poles have been in literally hundreds of different placed [1].  But the Lefties running the narrative will do anything to suppress alternative theories as to global climate trends, it has to be (what they say) our fault, and we have to pay them a carbon tax.  Really?

In an environment where gas infrastructure is disabled, destroyed, or empty - self-powered EV would be a working solution.  A self-powered EV means that you don't depend on the grid, or the utilities.  So EV coupled with DIY energy solutions like Wind, Solar, and Geothermal offer a solution for transportation independence.  Of course, you would be limited to travel the distance your battery can take you and return safely home for recharging - but in a situation where there's no gas then it's better than nothing.

If many households had this, there could be sharing and it would also reduce the strain on the traditional system.  So this is another strong reason to buy an EV and/or invest in the industry.

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[1] Hapgood, Charles Earth's Shifting Crusts.

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