Russia Deployed Nuclear Weapons in Crimea and Belarus: Ukraine Ministry of Defense

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Thursday, Jan 05, 2023 - 2:30

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The following is sourced from Far from being a pro-Zelensky outlet, it was in fact one of several outlets banned by the Ukrainian President in August of 2021. Therefore, the following report is alarming (translated from Ukrainian):

Russia has deployed nuclear weapons in Crimea and Belarus.

This was announced by the representative of the press service of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Yusov on the air of the FreeDom TV channel.

According to him, information about the movement of weapons in Ukraine is being tracked, there is intelligence, "so this will not come as a surprise."

Yusov added that Belarus and Crimea are considered by Vladimir Putin as territories for organizing provocations.

In the fall, Alexander Syrsky declared that  Russia was capable of using nuclear weapons on the territory of Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine continues for the 315th day.

This is the man making the claims:

Andriy Yusov - a representative of Ukraine's Main Intelligence Directorate, a branch of the Ministry of Defense

In the recent past, Yusov has denied Ukrainian military involvement in high-profile infrastructure attacks like the Crimea bridge explosion, which the following quote is in reference to:

"All the activities of the FSB and [Russia's] Investigative Committee are nonsense. They are fake structures which serve the Putin regime, so we're definitely not going to comment on their latest announcements."

Is this a trustworthy/unbiased source? No.

Though it is concerning that this announcement comes days after the deadliest Ukrainian strikes against Russian soldiers since the start of the war. As Politico reports, “Late on the night of January 1, Ukraine’s armed forces Strategic Communications Center claimed the strike killed 400 and wounded 300 newly mobilized Russian soldiers... On Wednesday, the Russian defense ministry put the number of Russian dead at 89. This is the first time the Russian ministry has officially acknowledged the death of so many soldiers in one attack since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24.”

Politico also notes that “Ukraine wants to show it can strike Russian bases behind the lines.” Putin has stated recently that he would consider nuclear weapons in the event of strikes within Russia’s border.

The Biden Admin needs to broker a peace deal ASAP. There are zero scenarios that end well for the US if a nuke is used in Ukraine — because we either look like p*****s or we escalate and everyone dies. And needless to say, a nuke will not be ideal for the Ukrainian people… which after all, is who we are fighting for right???

I do not understand how the masses are still in favor of our support for this war. I understand why senators bought by the defense industry support it, but it’s remarkable the absurd levels to which everyday people have minimized the threat of nuclear holocaust and lionized the — when compared to Putin — equally corrupt and equally despotic Zelensky. Check out my previous article that goes into more detail on this.

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