The Chaos In Brazil, January 6th, And The Twitter Files

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Monday, Jan 09, 2023 - 13:33
Shaman protestors, American and Brazilian.
Shaman-capitol protestors: American and Brazilian. 

January 6th And January 8th 

It may take some time for the dust to settle before we find out the results of the mass protests and arrests in Brazil's capital on Sunday, but the initial parallels between them and the January 6th protests in America seemed obvious. The Brazilian protestors appeared to be much less respectful of their government buildings than the American ones, but both protested close elections they felt were stolen, and there were some homages to January 6th, such as the shaman protestor with his face painted in his country's national colors. Those parallels brought to mind some thought-provoking comments shared on the second anniversary of America's capitol protests on Friday. 

You Know What They Did. Now What? 

An interesting perspective on the Twitter Files on the second anniversary of the Jan 6th protest at the Capitol by the recently unsuspended account "Woke Capital":

In Case You Missed It

In a post over the weekend, we looked at how hedging helped generate a positive return despite holding a commodity-linked investment that tanked. Given the turmoil in commodity-rich Brazil now, it might be of additional interest. 

Here's the short version of it. 

This was an aggressive hedged portfolio created by our site on July 7th, which included the natural gas ETF UNG.

Screen captures via Portfolio Armor on 7/7/2022.

And here’s how that hedged portfolio performed as of Friday’s close: up 8.71%, net of hedging and trading costs, while the market-tracking SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY) was essentially flat (up 0.18%).

By clipping off the left hand tail negative returns, hedging enabled the portfolio to generate a decent return despite natural gas tanking while it held UNG. 


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