LBMA blindsided by Russia buying physical gold

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by Kinesis Money
Friday, Jan 13, 2023 - 14:42

In the first Live from the Vault of 2023, Andrew Maguire reports on Russia’s Sberbank issuing its first gold-based blockchain asset in a game-changing manoeuvre that might instigate further de-dollarization of commodity trading.


The precious metals expert provides an in-depth commentary on the LBMA’s recent presentation on physical silver, which has indeliberately exposed some of the market's price-setting machinations.



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00:00 Start 

01:45 Picking up the last year’s thread & entering 2023

04:25 LBMA’s webinar on silver. Is TD Bank short-selling gold?

10:45 The real problem with paper-to-physical-silver leverage

16:15 Russian Sberbank is tokenizing physical gold!

27:30 The question of seasonality and what to expect in 2023?

28:15 Fresh insight on the COT report - is it worth looking at?


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