The Single Best Solution to Solve the World’s Greatest Problems

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Thursday, Jan 19, 2023 - 12:21

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If you ask 100 different people, what are the biggest problems in the world that need resolution,you will likely receive many different answers. However, unless you ask the Gatekeepers of the Great Reset, among the top 10 answers would likely be access to clean water, massive reduction in poverty and hunger, massive reduction in wealth inequality in all nations, end to all resource wars, access to high quality education, health care for all, and the stamping out of terrorism.

However, what is ignored 100% of the time in mainstream narratives is how one common denominator massively contributes to all of these problems above and how nearly every effort I’ve read to solve all of the above problems shockingly omit, the best and most effective solution, by far, to all of the above problems. The common denominator that vastly creates the world’s greatest problems is an immoral, unethical monetary and banking system and the one solution that would vastly solve all these problems is sound money.

Specifically, because the re-establishment of sound money in our world would effectively solve the above problems within five years to a greater degree than all other prior attempts combined that have occurred during our entire lifetime, this is why likely you have never read a comprehensive article about this solution that exists in plain sight in any major media publication before.  In fact, I’m fairly certain that those interested in sound money issues have read plenty of articles regarding why a return to sound money is impossible while they have not read a single one about why it is not only possible, but also very implementable given advances in technology that exist today.

Those that own global mass media distribution channels and serve as the Gatekeepers of information are incented to maintain the status quo, that is, to ensure that none of the above problems ever are solved as:

(1)   Endless war is necessary for war profiteering, gaining hegemonic control of the world’s resources, and to serve as an occasional distraction from the perpetually degrading quality of life the MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex enforces upon us through their global banking and monetary policies;

(2)   Endless hunger is necessary to oppress billions of people and to prevent them from attaining the proper nutritional levels to be of strong of mind and of strong body, as is necessary to become educated enough to rise up, fight against, and eventually overthrow the oppressors;

(3)   Endless poverty is necessary to provide the labor force willing to work for a few dollars a day under harsh, often inhumane conditions to produce the mineral resources and products the oppressors need with which to supply all socioeconomic classes in order to keep us distracted by and fixated on materialism, versus a search for true purpose and a meaningful life. Such distractions prevent any questioning of the primary role our current immoral global monetary system plays in the creation of our biggest global problems. And if such questioning is prevented, then no real solutions to the world’s greatest problems are ever pondered;

(4)   Lack of access to a higher quality of education, not lack of access to higher education, maintains the low level of critical thinking necessary for those in power today financially and politically to control our thoughts and beliefs. For example, Oxford, the University of Tokyo, Harvard, the University of Toronto, the University of Melbourne, etc. are all considered institutions of higher education that do not necessarily provide high levels of education in many academic disciplines in my humble opinion.  And by stripping critical thinking skills from the industry of higher education, this allows the misanthropes in powers to direct our behavior into actions that are harmful, rather than beneficial, to us.

And our feeding at the trough of Gatekeeper propaganda maintains the status quo. Disruption of the status quo is what the Gatekeepers fear the most, especially disruption of our current immoral global monetary system, as this would mean that the Gatekeepers would not be able to game the system anymore to build the generational wealth they so desire. Due to the rotten state of global academia today, I dedicated 15 years of my life developing an entire academy of 19 courses that addresses the global lack of access to a higher quality of education with the coming launch of skwealthacademy this quarter 2023.

(5)   Massive wealth inequality, and growing divide of the inequality between the rich and the middle class and the rich and the poor worldwide, keeps all of the above problems festering in a bacteria laden petri dish favorable for its growth by metastasis. Many times, those in control of media today attempt to label all those that expose the growing wealth inequality around the world as socialists that desire wealth redistribution solely for the sake of wealth redistribution. And though there are some socialists that advocate for this solution to the global wealth inequality problem, their advocacy of this solution likely stems from their lack of awareness of how sound money would level the playing field in a global banking system with built-in advantages for only the rich that enables them to build wealth much more easily than all other socio-economic classes. Thus, those that control mass media act as if our current unfair, immoral banking and monetary system provides a level playing field to all of us when it clearly does not.

Below is a graphic (source: that displays how just six companies in the US own nearly all media in America, a fact that explains why it is near impossible to ensure that dissenting factual views, such as the ones presented in this article, will never reach hundreds of millions of people.


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So, how would sound money make the biggest sustainable inroads into the conditions that give rise to world poverty, food insecurity, never ending wars and the continual creation of new terrorists in this world? I don’t blame those that possess massive scepticism about sound money having the capacity to simultaneously make greater inroads into the world’s greatest problems within five years than we have experienced over the course of our entire lifetimes. Such an outcome from a fairly simple solution seems to  be unrealistic at first glance. However, the reason most of us can’t conceive that such staggering progress that would jumpstart the eradication of our greatest humanitarian problems can spring forth from one solution is because the concept and history of sound money is censored from every institutional academic setting in the world. From a rational standpoint, it makes sense that such an important topic would be censored from all of institutional academia, because such critical education would birth revolt against the status quo that is integral for the ruling class to maintain in order to segment society as they see fit. Thus, if you haven’t spent a decade of your life studying this subject, than it is only natural not to understand my proposed solution and its miraculous benefits.

But before I explain how sound money would create significant progress in levels unforeseen before in solving the world’s greatest problems, allow me to explain a critical factor about sound money that 100% of people with whom I discussed the concept of sound money in the past decade have failed to understand.

In the year 2000, former US Central Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan told US Senator Ron Paul that he couldn’t define what money was anymore and that “it [was] not possible to manage something you [could] not define.” Though this statement by the world’s most powerful banker should have been an immediate red flag to every citizen in the world to prepare for decades of devaluing purchasing power, two decades later, well less than 1% of the world’s citizens have done anything to prepare, even as of 2023. And I believe that this failure is a direct consequence of our ignorance in understanding the definition of sound money.


In my upcoming skwealthacademy, I discuss the 10 minimum qualifications of sound money, which I believe to be most ably implemented by a return to a true gold standard. Below, I’ll discuss two of these 10 characteristics, which should be sufficient to illustrate the point I wish to make:


(1)   All national reserves must 100% be held in physical gold and not in any paper notes or digital currencies, other than as representations of physical gold units by weight. Every nation in the world, not just some nations, must have a fixed monetary gold unit of weight, specific to its own economic needs, as its monetary standard.

(2)   All holders of that domestic money, whether an individual, an institution, or a government, can exchange any national physical or digital representation of the monetary units of physical gold into physical gold at any time they desire, absent of any conditions of conversion, at a minimum, in any nation in the world at the conversion rate established inside of their nation.


There are several reasons why I determined the above two conditions necessary for a return to sound money. First, sound money can never be represented by any form of digital money ever, as such a form of money can always be created out of thin air, a characteristic of our current fiat currencies that have caused all of us to suffer massive inflation for the duration of our collective lifetimes. I explained here why it’s absurd for BTC maximalists to state that the number of BTCs are capped at a maximum amount in a discourse that explains why advocates of 100% digital money generally have no understanding of the thousands of years of monetary history, an ignorance that spawns a false belief that digital money can serve as sound money.

In any event, the very nature of sound money needing tangible, physical, inherent qualities that can be measured in weight versus being measured by the assignment of different numbers on cloth and plastic notes means that it is infinitely more difficult to counterfeit, and infinitely easier to identify counterfeit copies of this money, qualities that are massively critical to ensuring its integrity is inviolable. Allow me to explain.

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