Russia to Price Silver in Gold Grams?

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by Kinesis Money
Friday, Jan 27, 2023 - 16:49

In this week’s Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire reports on the accelerating adoption of a gold benchmark price for silver and commodity trades between nations, while examining the main drivers behind the current gold price rally.


The lifelong wholesaler reflects on the global implications of Russia’s plan to launch its own gold-pegged stablecoin, evaluating its potential to undermine the role of fiat currencies in foreign trade transactions.




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00:00 Start 

00:25 Find out why gold ETFs are NOT what they seem…

05:30 Bullish developments as Russia & China weaponise gold

15:30 Silver to enormously benefit from the gold benchmark adoption

21:55 The larger picture: de-dollarisation of commodities, Basel III

30:50 The real scale of gold tokenisation and the oil-for-gold trade globally

34:55 How the physical silver market has become so tight.


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