Allegations Swirl Around Popular Subreddit Founders

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Monday, Jan 30, 2023 - 22:01

Wall Street Silver. Allegations of fraud, censorship, racism and plagiarism.

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Wall Street Silver's Fall from Grace. No longer Silver Darlings. From Hero to Zero The number of serious allegations about Wall Street Silver corruption are snowballing by the minute. This drip drip drip is turning into a flood.

There are intensifying reports that Wall Street Silver's self-proclaimed founder Jim Lewis and his assistant Ivan Bayoukhi have misled numerous mining companies to trade pumped-up followers in exchange for advertising, yielding a growing distrust within the silver mining clients about experiencing deplorable and dissatisfying returns on advertising results.

The alleged fraud perpetrated by Jim Lewis and Ivan Bayoukhi stems from various ethical missteps. Most prominently, grossly exaggerated and false claims by Jim and Ivan surrounding their social media influence.

Ivan, (pictured above) had gone on KITCO with David Lin to discuss how WSS would have a ledger that would yield 100% transparency in funds raised on GoFundMe.

Numerous Wall Street Silver users report that Jim attended mining conference(s) off the popularity of Wall Street Bets then convincing gold and silver miners they had followers far from the numbers they charged advertisers in terms of price per impressions.

It gets worse. We are now learning that Jim Lewis had no previous background in precious metals or mining, the two very things he was charging exorbitant consultant and media fees for. This would be like a Doctor charging enormous fees while having zero knowledge of chemistry or biology.

Jim's previous experience was the opposite of promoting precious metals. It's reported his background is working for "hostile" firms like Merrill Lynch while he positioned himself as some maverick against these same "Wall Street devils."

When someone advertises based on a phony media kit, it is a version of fraud linked to being conned about a media's demographics, strength, track record, and reach.

This is like owning a newspaper and telling the local plumber that you have a readership or circulation of one million when your circulation is much less. Or, like having a magazine for home design and telling remodelers that your readership owns homes when most are renters.

We've spoken with more than four prominent gold and silver dealers who mention they see little difference in sales due to Wall Street Silver "Apes."

They comment that once prices are above $24, they get more inquiries about "apes selling" than "apes buying."

Moreover, Jim Lewis and Ivan Bayoukhi have created numerous fake accounts or have allegedly paid services like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer hired to pump up their followers on twitter and reddit.

Some say they are hiring "click farms" to build fake followers.

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