It's Looking Like The Pandemic Response Was Not Run By “Health” Industry But US Department of Defense (DoD)

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Monday, Jan 30, 2023 - 16:15

By Chris MacIntosh | Insider #264 | Rebel Capitalist Pro

There’s a scene in the film V for Vendetta where inspector Finch asks his subordinate the question: Would you really want to know?”

There’s a scene in the film V for Vendetta where inspector Finch asks his subordinate the question: “Would you really want to know?”

Inspector Finch: “What if the worst biological attack in this country’s history was NOT the work of religious extremists?”

Dominic: “But I don’t understand, we know it was, they were caught, they confessed.”

Inspector Finch: “And they were executed, I know. And maybe that’s really what happened, but I see this chain of events, these coincidences, and I have to ask, what if that isn’t what happened. What if someone else unleashed that virus, what if someone else killed all those people… would you really want to know who it was?”

Dominic: “Sure.”

Inspector Finch: “Even if it was someone working for this government? That’s my question. If our government was responsible for what happened at St Mary’s and three waters, if our own government was responsible for the deaths of almost a hundred thousand people, would you really want to know?”

This particular scene is arguably, at least for me, the pivotal moment in the film because it is when inspector Finch finally realises that what he thought to be true isn’t, and he is now confiding this in his colleague. Without this understanding he is destined to continue the proverbial wild goose chase.

What does this have to do with us here today?

It is beginning to look like the pandemic response was not run by the “health” industry at all but rather by the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Video: US Military Oversaw Secret Contents of COVID Jabs

Video: US Military Oversaw Secret Contents of COVID Jabs

In the above linked podcast, Sasha Latypova goes into detail about the paper trail behind this all.

One thing stood out for me.

Well, many actually, but on the legal side of things, remember how the removal of the liability shield for Big Pharma was a massive red flag for anyone paying attention?

Well, this legal immunity granted to Big Pharma companies may actually make sense. If Big Pharma were merely brought in to manufacture and distribute a DoD product, then they would bear no responsibility and hence liability for the product itself (at least outside of any failures of the vaccines that could be attributed to manufacture and distribution).

But critically, not for the prototype. If the DoD actually had the prototype of the vaccine and used Moderna and Pfizer for logistics, distribution, marketing, then liability would ultimately lie with the DoD.

It brings up many questions such as, does the military industrial complex (otherwise known as the deep state) simply view Big Pharma as a useful idiot and — should the isht hit the fan (which is what feels like is slowly taking place now) — ultimately dispensable?

I don’t know, but we’ll have to watch and see how things transpire. Certainly it is obvious to me now that the majority of the population are now anti-vax. Think about it. Most people are in a stupor.

Abraham Lincoln meme: You can fool all the people some of the time...

Most people are now “vaccine hesitant,” but admitting this would mean they take on the baggage of being “anti-vax,” and they’ve been pre-conditioned to recoil from that.

I say they’re vaccine hesitant because they’ve stopped “trusting the science.”

The government propaganda, I mean “the science,” says to take the fourth and fifth boosters. They also failed to take on the monkeypox hysteria. If "the science" says to do so, then why are people no longer trusting "the science?”

They’ll not admit it, but they are… ahem, vaccine hesitant. Subconsciously they are vaccine hesitant.

The issue lies in the power of psychological conditioning they’ve been through. Anyone that doesn’t trust “the science” is immediately deemed a fruit loop, demonised, shunned, ridiculed, and so now stating vaccine hesitancy involves joining the ranks of tin-foil-hatter-misogynist-right wing-nazi-racists who believe there are only two genders… and so most just try not to talk about it.

Mentally they’re children incapable of the level of maturity required to acknowledge they’ve been duped and pre-programmed to always choose the path of “victim” which essentially means an inability or unwillingness to take any responsibility for actions.

So don’t hold your breath for any large scale acknowledgement, but be assured that these folks are now actually untrusting.

In any event, the ramifications of this are truly massive.

Can you imagine the breakdown of trust in all levels of society should this knowledge become more widespread?

Now, if you’re thinking about this from a domestic US citizen perspective, you’re thinking way too small.

Imagine for a minute, if you will, you’re the pointy shoe class in any other country on this ball of dirt... the top of the totem pole. Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, for example, who we’ll come to in a later Insider #264 article and your “health ministries” have gone along with the recommendations of the WHO.

Now you see that this was a US military operation. What do you do?

Well, we will get deeper into it tomorrow (here on zerohedge) so you can see how the dots are connected. You can also go download Insider #264 now if you are a supporter of the Insider Newsletter…

- Chris MacIntosh | Insider #264 | Rebel Capitalist Pro

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