Did This Country Save the World From World War III?

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by Rebel Capitalist
Wednesday, Feb 01, 2023 - 12:30


“War is the Health of the State.”

—Randolph Bourne


Politicians love war.

It’s the biggest grift for the defense industry that bankrolls the political class. War also allows the politicians to distract the public and get their attention focused elsewhere…. All while they increase the size of the state at home.

To this very day, this harsh reality of politics holds true. The present war in Ukraine has been used to increase defense spending to extraordinary levels across the West. On top of that, several European nations have used the war to clamp down on speech that is deemed to be “pro-Russian.” So much for the “free world”!

The amount of military aid being sent to Ukraine is simply breathtaking. It’s not only basic arms being sent there by Western nations, but also tanks and advanced missile systems. Moreover, there’s even talk about sending advanced aircraft to Ukraine to help it bleed out Russia.

While this conflict remains a proxy war for the time being, the Russians will only tolerate so much Western aid being sent to Ukraine. Eventually, they will treat NATO as a party to this conflict and may start destroying Western vehicles that deliver this aid to Ukraine.

From there, all bets are off….

There are very few voices of reason out here calling for de-escalation and peace in Ukraine. And some of these voices are some of the most unlikely of geopolitical actors.

Turkey stands outs as one of the more reasonable nations on the world stage when it comes to how it has approached the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

In a recent video, our very own George Gammon detailed how Turkey likely prevented the conflict in Ukraine from turning into a full-fledged war.

Tune in to learn how Turkey has surprisingly saved the world from a geopolitical catastrophe.

—Team Rebel Capitalist

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