Could silver break the current monetary system? Feat. Dave Kranzler

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by Kinesis Money
Friday, Feb 03, 2023 - 23:32

In this week’s Live from the Vault, the hedge fund expert and author of the Mining Stock Journal, Dave Kranzler, joins Andrew Maguire to discuss the potential effects of pricing silver in gold grams, gauging the chances for the silver squeeze to unfold.


As more Eastern and Gulf region countries consider settling global oil and commodity trades using alternative currencies, the two industry leaders debate the power of tokenised, allocated gold in shaking the dollar-based monetary regime. 



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00:00 Start 

02:15 What has unfolded since November in the gold market?

04:25 Gold and silver importation across the Eastern Hemisphere

06:45 How much gold in China ends up unreported?

08:35 About Germany trying to inspect gold held in custody by the Fed

10:25 The asymmetric nature of Basel III-compliant deliverable contract

12:45 Tokenised physical gold - that’s a big thing!

16:10 Exchanging gold for oil: it is already happening! 

17:25 Weaponising the dollar & keeping metals out of the mainstream media

23:30 Elon Musk questions what people thought was just a conspiracy theory 

25:05 What is interesting is when you price silver in gold grammes…

30:00 There is a huge potential here for a short squeeze!

32:35 Is the Eastern Hemisphere where most of the drain on the LBMA is gone?

34:50 The real liquidity is even thinner than in March 2020…

36:30 Dave shares where to find great investment opportunities


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