WSS Founders: The Plot Thickens

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Sunday, Feb 05, 2023 - 19:56

The Wall Street Silver Community has splintered as a result of the turmoil from what they contend is good faith abuse. Core members reformed under r/Silver Degens Club


Jim Lewis of Wall Street Silver. First Extortion, Next Stop Child Abuse. Is last step Jail or Worse?

edited by Xio D Harmon based on over 750 file uploads received on The Pickaxe Self Publish App. Remember Jim and Ivan locked down their Reddit page in an attempt to re-write history.
"Cancel Culture Bullshit is what started this story. WSS playbook was 1/ lie 2/cheat 3/steal 4/ fraud 5/plagiarize 6/Hijack then 2/ Cancel anyone that asked questions SHOW ME THE LEDGER- source

People that fueled the silversqueeze movement (like The Happy Hawaiian, Michael Lynch aka Ditch the Deep State, pizza slut, u/silvertomars @mikesay, hundreds more and SilverDegenClub) were forgotten and betrayed by Jim Morrison and Ivan B. And we are learning why? Jim rushed to monetize a community but he broke every law on the books in his lust for money, power, fame and control. Discovery time.

Let's learn more about James "Jim" Morrison aka Jim Lewis of WSS


Wall Street Bets caught lightning in the bottle. The WSB mission was organizing day traders in buying stocks that were shorted like GME and AMC. The WSB movement gave rise to the term "meme stocks." Then some WSB users discussed how Silver had been shorted for centuries, that silver stacking could also be an underloved asset primed for a squeeze, and that a syndicate of silver stackers could be a disruptive force to villains like JP Morgan and Central Bankers.

Wall Street Silver didn't have any intellectual property but did have good timing. These stories (this is part 5 of 7) have been about Wall Street Silver's inglorious fall from grace.

Jim and Ivan were, as of last week the Silver Darlings, but now as this story unfolds, people are running for the fire exits, and most people feel their entire scheme is within days of collapsing.

The first story outlines WSS egregious acts surrounding the following:

  • Misallocation of GoFundMe campaign. They promised to produce a transparent ledger, but when people started asking, "Show us the ledger," They blocked people from Twitter and banned them from Reddit.

  • Setting up a fraudulent advertising agency targeting silver miners. This movement was about encouraging a group of retail silver stackers to do "silver raids," and the goal was to buy so much Silver that it inflicted pain on the people short selling (bankers and industrialists that rely on cheap Silver as part of their factory inputs)

  • Censorship. We had just come out of covid lockdowns. We experienced big tech giants like google, FB and Twitter de-platforming brilliant physicians like Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Joseph Mercola and Robert Malone for commenting on the origins of covid or recommending treatments as fundamental as Vitamin C, Zinc or Melatonin.

  • Wall Street Silver typically ran content criticizing "Big Tech" for these authoritarian practices, yet Jim Lewis and Ivan B started censoring anyone questioning their theft of funds.

The second bombshell was when we discovered that Jim Lewis real name is James Henry Morrison. His criminal record from Windermere Florida is easy to research.

Be your own Detective.

Step 1 -

Step 2 - enter in case # 2020-CF-003667-A-O

Step 3 - Ask yourself if James "Jim" Morrison and Jim Lewis of WallStreetSilver one in the same? Of course they are. Our legal department is 100% certain and no one on the internet to date has disputed the evidentiary pieces. In almost every article we've ran on this Jim Lewis / Ivan B fraud story we've asked readers to offer any defense of Jim and Ivan and we have not received one single piece of evidence conflicting our findings and reporting.

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