The Powers That Be Are Lying to Americans About the Economy

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by Rebel Capitalist
Wednesday, Feb 08, 2023 - 23:45

Politicians lie.

The media lie.

The corporate oligarchy lies.

The Federal Reserve apparatchiks lie.

As citizens of the modern-day United States, we live in an Empire of Lies.

No one with a strong grasp of deep politics should ever trust what legacy institutions have to say about politics and economics. The latter point is crucial given the putrid state that the American economy finds itself in.

Regime economists and pundits work overtime to cook and distort government data to paint a rosy picture of the US economy when all indicators point to a potential crisis around the corner.

These people must provide as much spin as possible because they know deep down that their days are numbered if the American public found out what’s going on with the economy. That’s why the control of information is so crucial for the political busybodies that lord over us.

For decades, the ruling class made sure to suppress information and put forward regime approved narratives through the corporate media.

Unsurprisingly, millions have been brainwashed into adopting conventional political views and being loyal cogs in the machine.

However, all of that has changed with the advent of social media and the rise of alternative media platforms. This new media ecosystem has enabled countless content creators to step up and offer contrarian views that go against the legacy media’s talking points.

Moreover, alternative media disseminates the truth and exposes the many lies the corporate media puts out there.

This competing media ecosystem has been instrumental in dispelling many myths about the economy, while also showing that things aren’t going so well, economically speaking, in the so-called “Land of the Free.”

Our very own George Gammon is proud to be a part of this truth-seeking movement.

His YouTube content is filled with economic information that you won’t find in the corporate media. Moreover, when the media claim that the economy is all fine and dandy, George is willing to lay out the cold, hard truth:

The economy is not in good shape.

In one of his most recent videos, George explains how the Fed is lying to all of us about the true state of the American economy.

Tune in here to find out why economic doom is right around the corner contrary to what the corporate media say.

—Team Rebel Capitalist



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