The Ukraine War As John McCain's Legacy

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Wednesday, Feb 08, 2023 - 13:43
A Russian helicopter door gunner.
​View from a Russian helicopter flying over Ukraine (via Russia's MoD). 

The Death Toll Grows

The U.S. press has published extravagant estimates of Russian casualties in the Ukraine War but seems to be more circumspect when offering estimates of Ukrainian casualties, as objectivity gets sacrificed to the war effort. 

This week though, Col. Douglas Macgregor (U.S. Army, retired) suggested the number of Ukrainian dead may be as high as 257,000 so far. According to Macgregor in the clip below, sources have claimed that Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief General Valerii Zaluzhnyi quoted this figure to U.S. Defense Secretary Austin during Zaluzhnyi's recent trip to the U.S. 


Col. Macgregor adds that this number seems reasonable to him, as the Ukraine War resembles the carnage of World War I. Whatever the actual number, it has been much too high, particularly given former Israeli Prime Minister Bennett's claim that both sides were close to an armistice last spring before the U.S. blocked a peace deal. 

Unfortunately, the U.S. fomenting further conflict in the region is nothing new, and as independent journalist Michael Tracey reminds us, one of the pioneers at this was the late U.S. Senator from Arizona, John McCain. 

How McCain Set The Stage For The Ukraine War

Most readers have probably seen this video before, of Senators McCain and Lindsey Graham encouraging Ukrainian forces to attack Russians in 2016, and promising them they'd fight for more U.S. aid to do so. 

What some readers may not realize is that McCain's role in stirring up conflict between Ukraine and Russia goes back further. Michael Tracey summarizes the history in the thread below. 

To End On A Less Grim Topic

In case you missed it, we got another chance to bet against Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) this week, before its record drop Tuesday. 

BBBY shares were down another ~13% as of midday Wednesday. Hopefully, John McCain's legacy won't lead to mushroom clouds, and we can go back to just worrying about markets again. 


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