East Palestine Launched a Digital ID Program Days Before Disaster

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by blueapples
Monday, Feb 20, 2023 - 2:26

As Klaus Schwab recently opined, the future of global hegemony will be dependent on the mastery of avant garde technologies which were once relegated to the realm of science fiction. With that power in mind, technologies advancing artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, and other pillars of the World Economic Forum's so-called fourth industrial revolution have begun to permeate into our everyday lives. Perhaps no greater example of the imperative of the technocratic elite to harness these technologies is the digital ID. The premise of an over arching digital identity as a mechanism for vast government surveillance was one of the cornerstones of the authoritarian response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Apparently, that crisis wasn't the only instance of an opportunity to beta test the tools of dystopian oppression.

The town of East Palestine, Ohio shows how deeply embedded this agenda is in the plans of the elite. Before the town entered into the public discourse by becoming the scene of one of the worst environmental disasters in US history, the biggest piece of news to come out of it appears to be another iteration of the ongoing initiative to implement digital surveillance tools into public infrastructure. In late January, East Palestine officially launched its MyID program in order to equip residents of the town and neighboring Unity Township with digital IDs. The premise was purportedly to equip emergency responders with digital health profiles of those who they would be treating. East Palestine's digital ID initiative was first announced in October 2022.

The rollout of the MyID program was vested in the East Palestine Fire Department. "It's kind of like the old Medical Alert bracelet or old Vials of Life Program, however this is with new technology. It's a QR code that we're able to scan and it will bring up your pertinent information medically related. There is no information that anybody can take and steal your ID with. It's just for us to be able to take care of patients who aren't able to communicate with us," East Palestine Fire Chief Keith Drabick said.

The East Palestine Fire Department held a sign-up event at the town's community center this January in an effort to drive enrollment into the cloud based information system. They were was able to collect $5,000 in donation to aid in the roll out of the program to make the first 250 wearable devices available to enrollees for free. The QR codes can be affixed to a wristband or a key faub but depend on digital ID software storing a person's health information in a cloud-hosted database in either instance.

During the event, Drabick emphasized that the MyID pilot program was intended to have a limited scope narrowly pertaining to sensitive medical information of those enrolled, tacitly alluding to underlying concerns about privacy that has skeptics of digital IDs reticent about the technology. Drabick would go on to compel skeptics to explore the program despite their reservations. “Anybody that skeptical? Please come on down. Sit down, talk to us. We’ll be happy to show you everything that goes on with it. We’ll be happy to show you how secure it is.”

Despite the initiative to implement the MyID program, even the fire department officials tasked will its roll out likely could not have foreseen the devastation East Palestine would incur following a botched controlled burn of a chemical spill that has turned the small town into North America's own version of Chernobyl. However, the impetus to start a digital ID initiative preceding what would have been an unforeseen crisis is a pattern that supposed "conspiracy theorists" know all too well.

Before the hysteria surrounding COVD-19 gripped the world, an event held in collaboration between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Johns Hopkins University foreshadowing the eventual pandemic. Event 201 created a simulation to gauge the global response to a coronavirus epidemic as a means of pushing forward the very technologies at the center of the World Economic Forum's vision of the future which were also implemented in East Palestine before the watershed crisis that would alter the landscape of the town forever. One of the partners for Event 201 was ID2020, a digital ID initiative that Bill Gates was heavily invested in that served as an archetype for the vaccine passports that global NGOs and sovereign governments alike have been steadfast in attempting to implement.

The devastation in East Palestine rightfully puts an emphasis on an effective emergency response to save the 5,000 or so residents of the town from the peril they face as they are engulfed in a carcinogenic miasma which threatens their short term and long term health. While that is the understandable priority, the underlying currents of patterns which have preceded previous manufactured emergencies are putting the chemical catastrophe into a new light. First, there was the re-emergence of the 2022 film White Noise which seemingly served as a piece of predictive programming as its plot centered around the aftermath of a chemical explosion affecting a small town in Ohio. Now, the roll out of a digital ID program like that which was showcased during Event 201 raises even more questions than answers about what is really going on in East Palestine.

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