The Woman Behind The Wars

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by Portfolio Armor
Thursday, Feb 23, 2023 - 23:29

The Making of a Warmonger

I've got an interesting thread about Victoria Nuland to share with you, but before I do, a few quick updates on my previous post here. 

  1. The Russian Ministry of Defense has weighed in on the Transnistria situation. As I suggested in my post, rumors spread by Ukrainian accounts of Russia planning some sort intervention in Moldova might have been meant to supply a casus belli for a Ukrainian incursion there (presumably, to capture Russia's giant arms depot there). The Russian MoD makes a similar argument here.
  2. In that post, I also shared a thread by a Chinese account suggesting that Russia buy high tech military equipment from China to counter NATO in Ukraine. Looks like that's happening.
  3. In my previous post, I also mentioned making a leveraged bet on higher natural gas prices over the next several months. That trade was up 34% so far, as of Thursday's close.

Now onto the Victoria Nuland thread. 

If you found that thread interesting, you're not alone: Elon Musk did too. 

Friday Morning Updates:

Two quick updates: 

  1. The natural gas trade I mentioned above is now up 42% so far.
  2. We exited the 1DTE options trade from yesterday for a 60% gain today


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