CHIPS are a Tool of Economic War Against Russia and China

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Sunday, Feb 26, 2023 - 11:08

Exclusive: Why CHiPs may be as important as Oil in the Future

Energy, money, and control all wrapped into one

Authored by Goldfix


Between ChatGPT, the increased chatter about computer chips, the infrastructure bill emphasizing them, the defense of Taiwan as key to technology.. etc. as well as GoldFix opinions already catalogued2, it makes sense to look a little closer at the semiconductor as growing economic tool. 

It Started With Gold

For us the very broad strokes coming into this were strangely enough closely related to Gold and the Eastern push against the dollar while the West demonized Oil:

  • Geopolitical/Economic: The west (we feel) wants to replace oil to save the dollar status- they can’t make everyone use the dollar anymore, so they must reduce western Oil use to weaken the East economically. The renewed interest in Cold fusion and use of Chips would reduce energy costs3

  • Technological: industrial revolutions increase efficiencies of production and accompany boom times— robots lower costs and increase productivity like the assembly line did.

  • Ideological: dovetails nicely both with their ESG and their desire to make everything free for everyone— a computer chip replaces workers, reduces oil dependency and is therefore economic energy etc

  • Incumbent Self-Interest: those in power want to stay in power and believe this is a good time to wind some capitalism4 down—WEF, Davos etc

There are positive and negative implications of course to all this. We’re not saying we agree with the reasons. This post is about recognizing trends and deciding if they are worth investing in.5


The US moves to hamper Chinese technological growth...

The potential positives seem self-evident. However, most utopian ideals end up being dystopian in practice.

Chips can therefore be viewed in that light as:

  • Economic Energy: rivaling oil in that they reduce operating costs, use of oil, and keep economic power in the hands of western creators
  • Money: a programmed chip can power an assembly line. What is that worth?
  • Traded Commodity: They already trade more globally than oil (see below) … that makes them liquid, a medium of exchange, and a unit of accountancy like money… but not a store of value.

The applied technology occupies an  overlap between: economies of scale, MMT, and Net-Zero Energy. Anyone in power can and will project their opinion on it favorably. It ticks all the boxes… E.G.- are you against space travel? Are you against stopping poverty? Are you against jobs?…etc etc

To the extent they are wrong or early.. That is why Oil is needed to be owned. Long oil is a hedge for Western arrogance.. of which there is plenty. Long dollars is a bet on Western innovation. Long gold and bitcoin is both.


Western Innovation versus Eastern Traditionalism

Regarding Silver & Gold: it will be decades before the world rejects gold as a store of value again.. and if they do, it will be a mistake. Why? Because while CHIPS may be money/currency, they are technology, and cheapen in value every day they exist as new ones will replace them. So unless they learn how to create Gold with them, Chips and nuclear fusion are no threat.

Gold and silver will be the only things left on earth that can be trusted to remain stable over time. What will that be worth?

More liquid than Gold and Oil...

4-in combination with reduced individual freedom as the gov’t uses chips to centrally lower your thermostat in the winter…. but that is another issue altogether

5- The CHIP motivation is there, and the concepts are not going away. If they are successful.. they will also unemploy millions of people: white, blue, and pink collared. The potential for a very dystopian future ensues as well. Societal upheaval ( immigration, poverty) will be tremendous with authoritarian (power grabs, freedom suspensions) pushback inevitable.

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