The United States Deliberately Destroyed The Two Nord Stream Pipelines

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Wednesday, Mar 08, 2023 - 15:50

From Chris MacIntosh | Insider 267


By destroying the two Nordstream pipelines, the United States broke the German and by extension European economy. They did this deliberately.

In Dubai, I was speaking with an escapee from Germany — a very wealthy industrialist, and what he told me was interesting and has been corroborated by many similar discussions.

Germany doesn’t want to fight Russia. Europeans don’t want to fight Russia. Their leadership is doing their damndest to drum up support for it, but on the ground Europe doesn’t want it. This makes perfect sense. Wars are fought by young ambitious powers. Europe is an old man.

Most telling however is that, as this man put it, “How can you believe America is your ally?”

Now, consider all of this just as Seymour Hersh published his research on the Nord Stream pipeline bombings. Here’s his extensive piece on the bombing.

Subsequently, we’ve been subjected to watching the captured media whores scrambling to discredit him, which simply has the Streisand effect and will only do more damage to their already collapsing credibility.

whitehouse attempts damage control
Reuters and The Whitehouse's failed attempt at damage control

For those who don’t know who Seymour Hersh is, he is a famous investigative journalist.

  • He broke the My Lai massacre story in 1969.
  • He broke the clandestine bombing of Cambodia story.
  • He’s broken big stories ever since: bin Laden, Syria, Hillary, etc.

In short, Seymour Hersh is no “blogger.” He’s one of the greatest investigative journalists that’s ever lived.

Referring to Hersh’s research as a “blog post” is designed to immediately discredit his work. What this article is designed to do is conjure an image of some 18-year-old in his pyjamas, chugging energy drinks in his mothers basement. In other words, not credible.

To make sure the peons don’t look too deeply the dolt at Reuters had to drive the nail into the coffin with “utterly false.” So not “a little questionable,” or maybe “missed a few points,” Nope. Utterly false. If you read the Reuters article, firstly try not to laugh and secondly nowhere are any of the points of fact disputed. Not one and not even once.

The speed with which the MSM are losing credibility is stunning. And yet they continue…

I mention this not only because the bombing was an act of war against both Russia but also against Germany.

Despite what the lamestreet media may be yabbering on about those in positions of power and influence will realise what has happened.

The distrust level will be rising and at some point here, the splintering of Europe will go hyperbolic.

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