We Are Now Being Deluged With UFO Propaganda

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Monday, Mar 13, 2023 - 13:37

- Chris MacIntosh | Insider #267 Newsletter


Amidst the multiple levels of fuckery taking place we now are being deluged with UFO propaganda.

Last three UFOs shot down likely weren’t Chinese spy devices, US says

In a deeply divided Washington, shooting down UFOs is scrambling partisan battle lines

As UFOs Breach U.S. Airspace, Senators Say NATO Should Also be ‘Concerned’

Weird, isn’t it? It’s almost as if….

Working on the premise that it’s never what they say it’s about, I began some digging. Here’s what I found…

Werner von Braun

Werner von Braun (Operation Paperclip), the Nazi who the US hired to run NASA’s rocket development program, warned that the deep state would use:

1. terrorists (we had 9/11),

2. Russia, and do you know what his number three was? You’ll never guess.

3. Yup, aliens.

What was Von Braun saying they’d use these three things for? To get their New World Order.

Now, isn’t that something because Von Braun died 45 years ago, which means that he stated all these things a bloody long time ago.

Project Blue Beam. Have You Heard Of It?

I hadn’t until I began digging. Turns out it’s not about party lights at a nightclub.

This was something that Canadian investigative journalist Serge Monast uncovered in the mid-90’s.

In 1994, Monast alleged in an investigation piece that the United Nations and NASA were aiming to create “new age religion.”

Monast was arrested twice and subsequently “died of a heart-attack.”

In fact, prior to his arrest and death, Monast alleged that the Canadian government abducted his daughter in an attempt to dissuade him from pursuing his research into Project Blue Beam.

His daughter was never returned. All very weird stuff.

Which brings me to the Chinese Balloon…

chinese weather balloon

This entire Chinese balloon thing falls somewhere between questionable and absurd to me. I mean, we’ve a balloon the size of four football fields that just floated on into “restricted airspace,” and we’re meant to believe the greatest military (so we’re repeatedly told) on the planet somehow didn’t manage to see it. This thing drifts along like a giant sky snail.

And then when a pin would have done the trick, they had to missile the fuk out of the sky with cameras rolling.

As dementia Joe would say… C’mon man.

In any event, what I do know is that the MSM have been publishing an isht ton of articles about UFOs. I mean, it could be…

I leave you with that evil cretin Kissinger’s statements which you may wish to consider in light of the above.

Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order: tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.


What do I think? Well, I don’t know, but if I was to put on my evil boots and attempt to think like an adrenochrome junkie with delusional wishes of grandeur, I’d say any and perhaps all of the following:

Taiwan invaded by China, coupled with the inevitable proxies of Australia and New Zealand sent into the meat grinder, with the side benefit of depopulation.

A bird flu virus H1N1, whereby thankfully the WHO and big pharma have a gazillion doses of just the right “safe and effective” stuff (they’re just getting better at this don’t listen to those conspiracy theorists who say it’s preplanned and premanufactured), and of course a holographic alien invasion to terrify the sheeple.

One world government all wrapped up in a bow.

So I guess the question then is this. When or indeed if they roll out a holographic alien invasion, will you believe it?

Chris MacIntosh
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