The Banking System is On The Brink of Collapse

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by Rebel Capitalist
Monday, Mar 20, 2023 - 14:15

Politicians never learn the error of their ways.

They are convinced they can play the role of economic gods and violate every basic law of sound economics.

Multiple decades of government school indoctrination have turned politicians into pro-interventionist robots that believe the government is the solution to every problem under the sun.

Once in office, these politicians work tirelessly to grow the government at the expense of the country’s economic stability. They tax, regulate, and spend to their heart’s content in order to buy votes and keep interest groups happy. All of this is about staying in power for as long as possible, consequences be damned.

Add in easy money into this equation, and you have the recipe for a predictable cycle of boom-and-busts to occur every other decade. Without fail.

It’s so predictable. But for a political class and an intelligentsia that’s ignorant about economics, such concepts will never register.

 That means economic instability will be baked into the economic cake. This won’t change until there’s a de facto regime change in DC that results in the establishment of a political class that espouses free market principles.  That looks like a distant prospect for the time being.

But with the impending economic crisis on the horizon, who knows…the American public is ready for some serious political change.

Our very own George Gammon has done extensive research that points to a major economic crisis kicking off in the near future:

What will this crisis look like?

Learn how this economic nightmare will likely go down in George Gammon’s latest video here.

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