What Keeps Peter Schiff Up at Night

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by Rebel Capitalist
Monday, Mar 27, 2023 - 16:00

History has shown that prophets of doom are usually ignored by the masses.

People prefer comforting lies than uncomfortable truths about the political order they live in. What’s more, when someone dares speak out about the rickey foundations of the political system, they’re instantly labeled as a “kook”, “crazy”, or “fringe.”

For many years, political gadflies who questioned the regime’s many holy sacraments were dismissed and ridiculed by legacy media gatekeepers. However, the game has changed with the advent of the Internet.

Due the mass proliferation of content that the Internet has facilitated, new forms of dissident material has been able to reach the masses like never before. Alternative media outlets have also quickly emerged and have given legacy outlets a run for their money.

This new online ecosystem has enabled people like contrarian investor Peter Schiff to thrive and spread their free market messages in ways that were never available to previous generations.

Since correctly predicting the 2008 financial crisis, Schiff has been one of the loudest critics of the Washington, DC Uniparty’s big government policies. Unlike most financial commentators he’s willing to take on sacred cows such as the Federal Reserve.

Schiff doesn’t just criticize the US’s state of economic affairs, just for the sake of racking up views and clicks.

The Euro Pacific Capital CEO has strong philosophical foundations. He’s a staunch proponent of the Austrian school of economics and is a firm believer of sound money and small government.

When he appears on mainstream financial shows, he’s generally the only voice of reason. But that has not stopped him from dropping uncomfortable truths. If anything, it further fuels his unquenchable desire to expose the ruling class’s economic machinations.

With mass inflation all around us and a new set of bank bailouts right around the corner, Schiff is sounding the alarms yet again on another financial collapse.

Make sure to tune in to George Gammon’s Rebel Capitalist show to hear what Schiff has to say about the 2023 financial crisis.

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