Transurrection In Tennessee?

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by blueapples
Friday, Mar 31, 2023 - 1:48

If the Olympics were held today, the gold medal in mental gymnastics would have to go to the narrative spinning the transgender community and left-wing political apparatus has done in the wake of this week's shooting of the Covenant School. The shooting left six people, including three children, dead before police could incapacitate the shooter. It took a lethal exercise of force to do to bring the violence to an end. Yet, while leftists eagerly awaited news about the shooter's identity hoping the shooting could be another politically advantageous tragedy to further the agenda of gun control, police turned those hopes on their head when they identified the shooter as 28 year-old female-to-male transgender Audrey Hale.

Once that news shattering the expectations of far left political onlookers, liberal media outlets entered DEFCON 3 of PR damage control doing whatever they could to obfuscate the reality that the shooter was transgender. From decrying law enforcement and right-wing media outlets for dead-naming and misgendering Hale to spinning the narrative into how the shooting would become another motives for alt right fascists to attack the transgender community, no stone was left unturned in reshaping public perception. The apotheosis of that effort seems as if it has not yet reached its apex. On Thursday, transgender activists took to the Tennessee Statehouse in Frankfort to stage another one of their patented "mostly peaceful protests." However, the events that unfolded mirrored those of scenes they continue to characterize as insurrection.

Hundreds of protesters took to a rally beginning at 8 am on March 30th at a park nearby the capitol grounds with the intent of proceeding to the second floor of the statehouse to demonstrate. Those in attendance stated that the protest was organized with the intent of advocating for greater restrictions on guns given that Hale had purchased the seven firearms she used to murder six people at the private Christian school in Nashville legally. As the protest continued on the capitol grounds, those in attendance captured extensive video evidence of its participants storming the doors of the statehouse and disrupting the session in a manner not dissimilar to that which occurred on January 6th, 2021. The lone piece of evidence delineating between those two occasions was conveyed by video that showed capitol police resisting the protesters as opposed to facilitating their efforts.

In all fairness, one piece of video circulating from the protest that was captured in the chamber of the statehouse which shows someone grabbing the microphone in order to express solidarity with the transgender community has been misrepresented as protesters entering into the active session when that apparent wasn't the case. The three people who seized the microphone turned out not to be protesters in attendance of the rally but were actually elected representatives within the legislature: Justin Jones, Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson. In the interest of continuing to be fair and objective, the representatives seized the microphone out of turn in the middle of the session to make their statement in an act that certainly violated procedural rules, a sin which the dogmatically sycophantic adherents of the "muh democracy" cult would surely classify as heretical.

Of course, the social unrest from the transgender community in Tennessee was not fomented by its reaction to the Covenant School shooting alone. Tennessee, like many other states across the nation, has recently taken initiatives to restrict prepubescent minors from hormone therapy, sexual reassignment surgery, and other procedures its proponents would affirm qualify as gender affirming care. Unsurprisingly, the events that unfolded at the capitol are far from the conclusion of planned demonstrations that transgender allies have organized. Despite the revelation of Audrey Hales transgender identity coming to light, a "Trans Day of Vengeance" rally planned for this Saturday is still set to take place in Washington DC at the steps of the United States Supreme Court.

Despite the utterly repugnant optics of holding the demonstration as titled, its organizers have done their very best to distance the literally self-avowed revenge rally as being anything connected to or glorifying Hale. In a statement on Wednesday, the Trans Radical Activist Network, a consortium of various pro-trans advocacy groups stated that they "are horrified by the acts of violence committed at the Covenant School on March 27, 2023. We are outraged by this tragedy—we grieve for Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney, Cynthia Peak, Katherine Koonce, and Mike Hill, and with their loved ones." Nevertheless, those groups intend to follow through on their plans to take to Washington to decry lawmakers for their perceived plight of the community such as the 42% attempted suicide rate of those identifying as transgender.

Diffusing the tension slowly matriculating to the nation's capitol appeared to be low on the list of priorities for the Biden administration this week. Instead, it issued a formal proclamation on the forthcoming Transgender Day of Visibility in a display of solidarity with the transgender community. In the press release, the presidential action lauded transgender Americans who "shape our Nation's soul" before going on to pat the Biden administration on the back for its tireless efforts to end injustices against them. That self aggrandizement creates a Schroedingeresque paradoxical reality in which the efforts of the Biden administration have addressed transgressions against the transgender community whilst violence against them has simultaneously gotten worse.

With law enforcement officials disclosing that they will make Hale's cliche mass shooter manifesto public as their investigation into the shooting unfolds, her soon to be uncovered motive will be an even more arduous endeavor for transgender advocates to divert attention away from. Hale had reportedly been involved in counseling at the behest of her family with a pastor from their church. That circumstances looks to serve as a prelude to a motive which gave reason for police in Tennessee to characterize the Covenant School shooting as a targeted attack. Should that premise prove to be true, it would conform to any left-wing definition of a hate crime. However, despite Hale's indefensible actions, the transgender community's relentless efforts to point to themselves as the real victims in the wake of the shooting she committed showcases a level of cognitive dissonance that makes any reconciliation appear unattainable. While most advocates on both sides of the issue have expressed unfettered opposition to violence, the impasse they find between themselves likely means it isn't a matter of if more will ensue...but when.

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