Vladimir Putin and Russia are Isolated – Only Not in the Way You Think

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by philbutler
Sunday, Apr 16, 2023 - 16:21

Russia is doomed to the same fate as Yugoslavia, or worse. This is a foregone conclusion if you scan Western mainstream media, Washington think tank publications or attend training sessions for US State Department personnel. With the Ukraine proxy war, Zelensky, the puppet dictator, and stumbling Joe Biden, the president doll, are play pieces in a geopolitical game we pay witness has no rules. No wonder the Russian president's tongue is numb. 

Vladimir Putin

Just read the first paragraphs of this Financial Times article by Tony Barber entitled “A post-Putin Russia may look like Serbia after Milošević.” You’ll “get it,” the immutable Russophobic drumbeat bought and paid for by the stumbling elites in the West. It’s easier to understand the current state of world affairs if you consider experts like Tony Barber as a shaky-headed, blaring-eyed tools of the deep state. Or, perhaps, a CIA media plant. The European comment editor at FT has always been a useful tool of US policy in Poland, the former Soviet Union, and the former Yugoslavia. Geography and history tell us a lot about so-called “experts.”

Barber’s understanding of the current situation is limited in the same way the US Pentagon’s view is limited. These institutions, and others, operate in a dream state where Russia becomes another writhing liberal democracy where tradition and morality become forgotten ideas. Or, as the FT genius puts it in his lead:

“Nationalist grievances make stony ground for liberal democracy and good relations with the west.”

The author babbles and babbles about situational similarities between Vladimir Putin and Milošević as if he hasn’t the slightest clue who the Russian people are. Barber, like so many of his colleagues and handlers, seems to genuinely believe the average Russian is burning with desire to be part of “liberal” ideologies of the present. But then, these journalists are not paid to report facts. They are sanctioned to concoct and perpetuate a liberal world order (US hegemony) status quo. You’ll find an army of Tony Barber minions by simply Googling “Putin.”

In other stories, a Russian defector (criminal traitor) reveals all about Mr. Putin’s secret train and the so-called paranoid lifestyle the Russian president has developed since COVID. The funny thing is, this former officer of the Federal Protection Service (FSO) Gleb Karakulov, seems to have read a lot in Western media these past couple of years. Isn’t it amazing that The Guardian has dug up such a source that seems to prove what Western mainstream media speculated (and propagandized) about once the coronavirus put everyone at arm’s length? Coincidence.

It’s a coincidence FSO bailouts like Karakulov come forward to validate everything to do with Russophobic supposition. The former FSO communications captain also claims Putin is a war criminal from the safehouse he and his family have been put up at by Western intelligence agencies. But wait! The credibility catch that ruins all such stories is just under the surface. You see, Karakulov is now in cahoots with that pesky Yukos Oil mafioso (Putin hater) Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Karakulov began his horn-blowing sessions from Turkey via the Dossier Center, which is funded by the ousted criminal Khodorkovsky, who was booted from Russia along with dozens of other West-backed privateers bent on carving up Russia’s riches. Unfortunately, sadly, most people reading The Guardian or other media sources don’t bother to dig one layer own to follow the money. So, the reader may ask, “What does this all mean for us?” The answer is pretty simple. Like my Dad (an adviser to Richard Nixon) used to say, “Don’t believe anything you read or hear, and only half of what you see.” If Khodorkovsky is backing it, there’s a 100% chance it’s a heinous lie.

For those who do their due diligence even on my editorials (which you should), consider whether or not the “out of touch Putin” narrative is a new trend or a desired propaganda fiction for some time. A February 2022 Wall Street Journal piece, “Putin Finds Himself Isolated, Out of Touch as Invasion of Ukraine Sputters,” fuels the liberal elite fantasy wish. As early as April of 2020, the elite-owned Western media has been pounding the drumbeat of an out-of-touch Putin. This quote about how the COVID pandemic forced Putin into hiding from the Associated Press from Samuel Greene, who’s the Director of King’s College London’s Russia Institute, proves my contentions:

 “The risks of him (Putin) looking out of touch are very real.”

There’s one of the seeds of the big lie planted by those who would illegally harvest the Russian people’s legacy. Ironically, if you dig deep and wide enough, you can find the truth of the situation today in the bright light of day. For those claiming Putin just went nutty and invaded Ukraine to reestablish the USSR, this 2,000 word message from the Russian president explained all positions way back in July of 2021. The “isolated” Putin was reaching out in all directions to try and avert the cataclysm we are all poised to take part in. Nobody in the West could have known of this warning. By this time, RT and other Russian media had been censored, and what American truck driver visits the official website of the Russian President?

Normally, a New York Times or Washington Post editor would put a reporter onto direct news from the leader of Russia, China, or any country in the world, making a big difference. I’ll bet one in ten million Americans knew Putin wrote this essay explaining the kinship of Russians and Ukrainians. No. There are no explanations needed. Analysis and doctoral theses needn’t included both sides of an argument.

Truth is bought and paid for these days, and reporters just say what their editors demand they say. Russia is doomed, like Yugoslavia was, to become a vacation playground and profit farm for American and European nobility. Soon, every Russian will be mooing the liberal tune of the herd in Europe, North America, and the land down under in Australia. Ekaterinburg will finally get its Disneyland, and every Russian baby will wear Pampers made by Procter & Gamble.

Russia and Vladimir Putin are isolated, only such isolation has a precedent that can be expressed in the wisdom of the Roman philosopher Seneca:

“Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack.” — Seneca

A version of this story first appeared on New Eastern Outlook

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