Vaxx Mandate Fascist Gene Simmons Suffers On-Stage Health Issue, Cancels Show

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Friday, Apr 21, 2023 - 16:25

by Ben Bartee via The Daily Bell

(Contd. from If Celebrating Celebrity COVID Vaxx Injuries Is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right)

Continuing our exposure of rock’n’roll stars assuming the role of biomedical fascist, washed-up rock star Gene Simmons of KISS fame recently suffered an unidentified health emergency on stage so severe that the show had to be canceled mid-performance.

Via People:

Gene Simmons wasn’t able to fully “Rock ‘N’ Roll All Night” during a recent KISS concert — but he still did his best!

During the rock band’s show in Manaus, Brazil on April 12, the vocalist and bass player became ill onstage and needed to pause the show before sitting down for the remainder of the performance.

“Hold on, hold on,” singer and guitarist Paul Stanley told the audience mid-show, according to fan videos. “We’re gonna have to stop.”

“We know how much you love Gene, and he’s obviously sick. We’re gonna have to stop to take care of him, because we love him, right?” continued the rocker, 71. “Let’s give Gene a really loud, ‘Gene!’ One, two, three — Gene!”

Simmons later claimed the melodrama was a simple case of dehydration, and perhaps it was.

But I sincerely hope it was a COVID-19 vaccine injury, given his previous public shilling of brutal government vaxx mandates.


“You don’t have as many rights as you think … Shut up, be respectful, and get a vaccine,” Simmons designed to instruct the peasants.

Thanks to Simmons’ pharmaceutical fearmongering, normal unvaxxed the elderly who aren’t members of a cringe boomer rock band died all alone in nursing homes without the supporting cheers of a thousand screaming fans.

Millions of working-age people lost their livelihoods for not taking the shot. Kids were kept out of school and lost out on critical development as a result.

The death count from the injections is yet unknown but it’s at around 20,000 currently on the CDC’s VAERS reporting system – likely a dramatic undercount.

These are criminal abuses by the state, facilitated by Gene Simmons and his ideological ilk. To quote Hillary Clinton, Gene Simmons is what we call a “superpredator – no conscience, no empathy.

Let us never forget what the Public Health™ authorities, aided and abetted by Gene Simmons, did to us, to Western civilization.

Let us celebrate the COVID vaxx injuries sustained by the likes of Gene Simmons. He has sown his karma; I just want to see it carried to its natural conclusion.

Fuck Gene Simmons, the crusty old dirtbag authoritarian.

I pray karma is real, and it’s what we’re seeing in that video.

Ben Bartee is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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