The Ultimate Refutation Of Trans Ideology

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Thursday, Apr 27, 2023 - 10:01
A surgeon operating.
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Trans Euphemisms Obscure The Ugly Reality 

One of the newer trans euphemisms one hears these days is "gender affirming care", but when you lift up the rock of the euphemism, what's underneath can be ugly. One example went viral this week, a case where an 18 year old boy was killed by his sex change operation. 

In a sane world, it would be obvious that surgeons needlessly mutilating a mentally ill patient is unethical and should be illegal, even more so when the patient is likely grow out of the mental illness, as is the case with gender dysphoria,  

And especially when the medical industry is poised to profit from creating a lifelong patient. 

A Hedge Against Euthanasia? 

One thing you realize if you ever go to a cardiology office, for example, is that medicine is, to a large extent, geriatric medicine. Cardiologists treat people of all ages, but whenever I go to my cardiologist for a check up, I'm invariably the youngest patient in the waiting room. And when I take my mother to her cardiologist, everyone in the waiting room under sixty is there because they drove their elderly parents to the appointment. Given that, and the left's moves to legalize euthanasia, it occurs to me that the medical industry's embrace of trans ideology could be seen in part as a cynical attempt to hedge against euthanasia reducing the number of their geriatric patients. 

How A Saner World Dealt With A Similar Issue

Although the trans social contagion is recent, the issue of mentally ill patients seeking to mutilate themselves to conform with their mental images of themselves is not new. Earlier this year, Twitter user Mia used the example of Apotemnophiles (wannabe amputees) from the 1990s as her starting point for an excellent thread that provides the ultimate refutation of trans ideology. I've included her thread in full below; after that, we'll close with a brief trading note. 

On A More Pleasant Topic...

Our bets against First Republic Bank (FRC) paid off after its disastrous earnings report this week that showed a collapse in its deposits. 

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Early Friday Update: 

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The other stock we bet against on Thursday hasn't released its earnings yet. 


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