"Fox Needs To Get The Full Bud Light Treatment"

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Monday, May 22, 2023 - 23:17

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Fox News Becomes Bud Light In Another Way

When Fox News fired Tucker Carlson last month, I wrote a post here titled, "Fox News Becomes Bud Light". What I meant by that title was that, just like Bud Light had alienated its core customers, Fox News had alienated its core viewers. Indeed, Fox's ratings since Tucker's departure bear that out: 

Ratings on April 21st (Tucker's last show)


Ratings on May 19th 

Fox Ratings Are Down A Lot

Not only are Fox's ratings in Tucker's time slot (8pm) down 49% since he left, but ratings in their next time slot (9pm) are down 30%. 

But now Fox News has become Bud Light in another way: Fox News has embraced trans ideology, as former Fox News guest Matt Walsh explains in the thread below, in which he calls on his 1.8 million followers to boycott Fox the way they've been boycotting Bud Light. 

Has Fox News stumbled into its own Kobyashi Maru scenario? 

It's starting to look like that. Maybe Middle America is finally fed up with getting served poor quality products by companies that hate them. 

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