Why Science Is Broken

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Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 11:12
William Briggs speaking at Hillsdale College
William Briggs, statistician to the stars, breaks it down. 

The Rot Behind "The Science"

From Washington to Davos, experts tell us we need to "listen to the science", as they push their preferred policies on us, from eating bugs to ditching fossil fuels. My friend William Briggs gave a great speech last month at Hillsdale College about the flawed way science is often practiced today, and how it has been politicized. As Dr. Briggs, a former professor at Cornell Medical School puts it, 

When someone says, "Listen to the science", what they mean is, "Listen to me". 

I've posted the video of the full speech and brief Q&A below; I think a lot of you will find it as fascinating as I did. 

Dr. Briggs is an excellent speaker, so I recommend watching the video, but he's posted a transcript as well if you'd like to read it. Before you do, a quick follow up on a previous post. 

Finding The Banks Most Likely To Go Bust

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in a post here that I had commissioned research on which regional banks are most likely to face "terminal events". 

Getting that list put together got me in a bit of trouble and took longer than I expected, but I have it now, and plan to share it on my trading Substack later this week, along with a few trades based on it. If you'd like a heads up when I do, feel free to subscribe to my Substack/occasional email list below. 


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