Why Is Everything So Gay?

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Sunday, May 28, 2023 - 22:31
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George Soros Makes Things Worse Again

In recent posts, we wrote about how George Soros (or "Magneto", as Elon Musk calls him) has made America less safe. 

It turns out, he's also made America more gay, as "The Redheaded Libertarian" explained recently on Twitter. She elaborated in one of those long tweets that don't embed fully, so I've pasted her text below.  

Why is everything gay? Buckle up, we’re going down this gay rabbit hole.

The CEI— Corporate Equality Index— is a woke credit score, that judges companies based on how many woke issues they are pushing.

  1. What is “woke”? A word co-oped from the black community by gender activists that was infected with Neo Marxism.
  2. Who made up & gives the score? From my understanding, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), sends lobbyists to companies and gives them a list of demands, and if they don’t comply with these demands, the woke investors put pressure on the boards, activists are mobilized, advertising campaigns are shut down, and anyone who continues to do business with the poorly scored company, will also be penalized.
  3. And who is funding the HRC? Open Society Foundation.
  4. Who runs Open Society Foundation? Uh oh. Definitely don’t google that [George Soros]. Essentially, if you don’t get a good score the Lizard God-King of the world doesn’t let your business exist. This fake score is everywhere and is controlling everyone and everything with threats and coercion This despotic rot is the result of a compromised country.

The Readheaded Libertarian added this bit of evidence in a reply to her long tweet. 

Elon Musk Agrees

Elon Musk replied with one word: "Accurate".

Let's wrap this up with a brief investing note, another example of a risky ETF making sense in a hedged portfolio for conservative investors. 

Risky Funds For Conservative Investors Again

In post a week ago (Bud Light's No-Win Scenario), we saw this phenomenon. Here's a more recent example of it. The hedged portfolio construction algorithm on the Portfolio Armor website built this portfolio last November for a small investor unwilling to risk a decline of more than 13% over the next six months. 

The main two positions there were the ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Natural Gas ETF (KOLD) and Crocs, Inc. (CROX). The algorithm started with equal dollar amounts of both, and then rounded down to get round lots of each. Then it used a tightly collared position in the Collaborative Investment Series Trust (SARK) to absorb some of the leftover cash. 

Portfolio Armor's algorithm estimated an expected return of 7% for the portfolio, as you can see in the bottom right of the screen capture above. Here's how it actually did. 

In the end, the investor was up 8.93%, net of hedging and trading costs, while the SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY) was up 3.38%. And despite holding a 2x leveraged, short commodity fund, the investor never risked a decline greater than 12%. You can find an interactive version of that chart here

Maybe an approach for some of you to consider in addition to your precious metals. 


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