Imagine being told that you’re so worthless...

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - 16:01


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That’s my recommendation. And no, I’m not kidding. I am deadly serious. If you are an American and living in California, turn around and run like someone is chasing you with a big syringe full of poison.

A California panel has called for billions in reparations for black residents

About 1.2 million dollars in reparations are now approved by a California task force (still to be voted on by the state legislature) to each black person in the state.

This will not only bankrupt the state but will force homeowners to sell their property to pay the huge tax increases that unquestionably will be coming. It’s a good thing California doesn’t already have THE highest taxes of any state. Oh, wait…

Here’s something else to consider — a snapshot from the government census website.

Now, obviously the devil of the day is a white slave owner. If I was a Californian, I’d demand some slaves at this point. I mean, if I have to pay for them, then…

In any event imagine you’re Asian, Hispanic, or some other non-white person.

How do these folks feel about paying out?

I mean, if we’re to play this ridiculous game, then why not pay the Chinese? They weren’t allowed citizenship until… well, after black people were granted it in California?

Then, of course, there is that period in WW2 when Japanese citizens were put in concentration camps.

Ironically, the most negatively affected racial group in this are black people. Imagine being told that you’re so worthless, that your ability to chart your own future is so pathetic that you need this.

Of course, the reason for all of this has nothing at all to do with any slave ownership or racism. This has everything to do with creating division in society. Divide and conquer has long been a military strategy used against one’s enemies.

Today, these tactics are being used against citizens within Western nations. The governments of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are all doing exactly the same thing.

The bankruptcy of the states implementing this will be met with higher taxes — right as interest rates are inflecting. Right when society is up to their eyeballs in debt. It’s almost as if they are trying to collapse all the asset values and wipe out the citizenry. That would be awful. It’d end up with people “owning nothing”.

Just saying…

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