China's gold rush - Xi prepares for “Worst case scenarios”

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Friday, Jun 02, 2023 - 14:46

In this week’s episode of Live from the Vault, Andrew Maguire discusses the latest market catalysts that are capable of triggering a global gold reevaluation event, as a result of the ongoing paper versus physical gold showdown.

The precious metals expert delves into the underreported decision of the People’s Bank of China to start preparing its 1.4 billion citizens for opting out of the dollar and into gold, explaining how this will impact gold’s supply, demand and price.


00:00 Start

01:25 Gold price reevaluation event 

04:35 The two primary tools the fed use to manage their wrong-footed paper bets

06:20 The little-reported move by the People's Bank of China

09:15 The threat of war 

10:55 China opting out of the dollar hegemony 

13:45 Triggering the reevaluation of monetary metals

18:15 China tightening paper gold’s noose 

29:00 The tool the casino uses to rig the tables 

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