Why a Full Blown World War With Massive Casualties May Be Inevitable

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Monday, Jul 03, 2023 - 15:46

Why the Ukraine War May Escalate into a Full Blown World War

Authored by J.Kim via the skwealthacademy substack newsletter

Whenever I have written about the Moscow World Standard, or how the US/UK war against Russia in Ukraine fits into the economic agenda of the MIB complex, I have always researched the opinions forwarded by Russian cabinet members and financial advisors, as they provide a completely different  view of the propaganda forwarded by the Western mass media. In this article, I will inform you of many firm opinions expressed by Sergey Glazyev in various interviews he has given to Russian media in the past. Glazyev is a former advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin and even though he left an official Kremlin position in 2019, his opinions are still very much respected in the hierarchy of Russian government. I often have to resort to my Russian friends or Google translation services to understand the information I will disclose here, but to the best of my abilities, this important information forwarded by Glazyev and completely censored by Western media, is critical to understand my investment strategies of which I speak about on my Substack and patreon platform. Furthermore, it will also illustrate how widely distorted many Westerner’s views of Putin as the “new Hitler” based upon old guard Western Military Industrial Banking complex (MIBC) propaganda views that paint Putin as the Gulag enforcing Stalin of the 1930s communist USSR.


The Western MIBC (Military Industrial Banking Complex) Attacks on China and Russia Are Driven Solely By Economic Hegemony

the weaponization of the US dollar

When Trump was US President, even though he was anti-establishment in some ways, he was very establishment in the trade war he waged against China, as the MIBC desired to destroy China through Trump’s trade war. When this failed, they turned their attention from incessantly demonizing China in the US media to demonizing Russia. The reasons for attacking China were self-evident as its economy has grown 10-fold since 1995 versus the 15% growth experienced by the US economy since this time. Furthermore, during this time, China did not experience massive inflation at the same rates as experienced by other Western nation, because their monetary printing was accompanied by real economic growth that absorbed much, though not all of, the monetary printing. However, in Western nations, such Central Banker excessive printing of US dollars and Euros caused soaring inflation rates because their printing was not accompanied by massive economic growth as it was in China, and many Western Central Bankers, in doing so, merely made inflation their number one export to other nations.

It is interesting to note that Glazyev has written of his firm belief that the coronavirus was a biological attack conducted by the US on China, that was phase 2 of the Western MIBC’s attack to weaken China, after Trump’s trade war failed to produce the desired economic destructive consequences. I will extrapolate some of Glazyev’s beliefs about the global economy to further breakdown why indeed Glazyev’s proposed theory that the coronavirus was a biological warfare attack with a mission to destroy China is completely plausible later in this article. Though the Chinese government certainly responded to the spread of the virus in their most populated cities in horrific ways with unnecessary, unscientific draconian lockdown policies that placed tremendous financial and mental health strains on tens of millions of their citizens, per Glazyev, the US biological warfare attack on their country still failed to sow the desired seeds of economic chaos as desired. And now that everyone knows the US MIBC funded the gain of function research that weaponized the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, we all understand why Trump’s incessant demonization of all Asians by calling it the China virus was a completely MIBC and establishment narrative. Trump’s labeling of coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” was as accurate as calling the iPhone a Chinese phone. Like the iPhone that is manufactured in China, because Apple funds its manufacturing, one cannot call the iPhone a “Chinese phone” without being subject to immense ridicule. However, even though the gain of function research at the Wuhan lab was funded by organizations EcoHealth Alliance, the National Institutes for Health, Dr. Fauci’s led NIAID and Dr. Peter Hotez, who funneled more than $6M in a grant he received for gain of function research in Wuhan, all US sources, Trump successfully labeled the coronavirus as a “Chinese virus”.  In doing this, Trump's rhetoric played right into the hands of the MIBC establishment, though he also conducted some very anti-establishment things that infuriated them as well. The interesting thing to note is that if Glazyev believes that the coronavirus was a US biological warfare attack on China, then there is little doubt that Russian leadership, including Putin, are well aware of Glazyev’s beliefs.

Combine this with Glazyev’s knowledge of the US CIA coup executed in Ukraine to oust Viktor Yanukovich in favor of US puppet Poroshenko, and his analysis that Russia  made fatal mistakes in managing the Ukrainian crisis, post-coup, including allowing US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland to spend billions in Ukraine to spread propaganda to, in his words “zombify” hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens, then to conclude that Russia will not retaliate against a NATO nation is the belief of simpletons. In fact, Glazyev, in his words, claims that the US “tricked” Russia into allowing them to occupy Ukraine, subsequently trained Nazis in military academies they funded for planned war today, and then “turned 150-200 thousand [Ukrainian citizens] into a fighting machine that works without thinking, only stupidly follow[ing] all their orders [issued by Zelensky].”  One can literally feel the disgust Glazyev feels about Russia being duped into war in Ukraine when reading his words, as he believes that if Russia had only responded back in 2014, after the CIA led coup,  that it could have avoided the type of full scale battles that have already occurred.

Furthermore, upon reading Glazyev’s assessment of the war in Ukraine, one cannot help to consider that there must be pockets of those equally as smart as Glazyev in Ukraine that were not “zombified” into stupid robots by Victoria Nuland and Volodymyr Zelensky and that actually detest Zelensky and the CIA for ruining their country’s future. However, the only reason we have not heard about Ukrainians that detest Zelensky is because Zelensky and the Western media have completely silenced them. If Zelensky can throw US citizen Gonzalo Lira in prison for criticizing him with zero repercussions from the US government, you can be certain he has thrown many Ukrainian journalists in prison that have also been highly critical of how many Ukrainians, with zero military training, Zelensky has sent to their deaths on the frontlines of war with Russia. The fact that the US MIB complex lauds its war against Russia in Ukraine as one of “democracy” while allowing its own citizens to be thrown in prison for exercising free speech, allowing Zelensky to silence all his critics with impunity, and allowing Zelensky to suspend democratic elections, all in the farcical name of “democracy”, is a complete subversion of  democratic principles. Furthermore, to counter with facts the Westerner belief that Putin is Hitler or Satan, though the Western Military Industrial Banking Complex controlled media has worked overtime to spread the MIBC propaganda that it is Putin that has rejected peace in Ukraine, the exact opposite is actually true. Russia’s efforts to negotiate peace in Ukraine, have time and time been rejected by the Western MIBC, as documented by Putin here, for further escalation.


A Once in a Century Occurence

things that happen once a century

For those that completely missed the point of my last article, Strike While the Iron is Hot, and compared the current fragility in 2023 of the MIBC’s stranglehold on silver prices to the real stranglehold of the MIBC’s stranglehold on silver prices during the 2008/2009 global financial crisis, the only manner in which these two situations are comparable is that the MIBC is still actively and deliberately suppressing gold and silver prices significantly. Glazyev’s comments confirm the beliefs I conveyed in the above article about a once in a lifetime chance to take down the MIBC’s stranglehold on silver prices that exists today and did not exist in 2008/2009 as he explains that the entire world has already passed the rubicon regarding USD hegemony in the global economy. Glazyev compares Britain’s engagement in WWI to the US engagement in Ukraine against Russia today.  Glazyev claims that Britain’s loss of empire to the competing empires of Russia and Germany led to its choice to foment World War I, as Britain achieved its desired post-WWI outcome of not only the complete economic collapses of Russia and Germany but also of the Austrian-Hungarian and Ottoman empires as well. Glazyev claims that the economic wars the Western MIBC is using Britain’s blueprint provided from WWI to attempt to trigger China and Russia’s economic collapse today as both represent a significant threat to today’s existing US/UK empire. Glazyev further has explained that once a post-World War economic power structure is established, that every Ruling Class decision is made with the intent to always block the economic progress of all other nations that pose a threat to its global economic hegemony, and that the Ruling Class will use any means necessary, including military, psychological, and biological warfare, to maintain this position of superiority.  From everyone that has read my Truth About Nuclear Energy series, here (Part I), here (Part II), here (Part III) and here (Part IV), you will understand the Western MIBC’s psychological warfare game being deployed against cheap energy, since China, India, and other non-NATO nations have taken the lead in GenIV nuclear energy technology development.

Though Glazyev claims a number of US funded biowarfare laboratories were discovered in Ukraine as well, which the US funded media immediately denied as propaganda, here is the important fact being ignored by most that distorts their understanding of the most likely next escalation phase of the US/UK war against Russia in Ukraine. Whether or not this is Russian propaganda or truth, the highest levels of the Russian military machine likely believe that the evidence they have collected has proven the following conclusions:

  1. The Western MIBC waged a trade war against China in an attempt to destroy China economically and failed;
  2. When their economic war against China failed, they launched a biological war by deliberately releasing a virus from the Wuhan labs in an attempt to destroy China economically. They simultaneously were developing bioweapons in Ukraine that targeted ethnic Slavs for death (a belief forwarded by Glazyev though I have yet to discover any proof of this claim);
  3. When Phase I and Phase II of the MIBC’s war against China failed, they increased their efforts to destroy Russia that began years ago, with the 2014 CIA coup in Ukraine; and
  4. The US MIBC spent billions to brainwash hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians into hating Russia and supporting Zelensky unilaterally with no consideration of right and wrong;

Again, it is irrelevant whether all the four points above are true or not. It is also 100% irrelevant whether  the reader believes all above points to be true or if I do as well. Why?  Because all that is relevant is that the top Russian military brass highly likely believes all four points above to be true. Furthermore, they likely believe, due to Pulitzer-prize winning Sy Hersh’s exposition, that the US/UK committed an eco-terrorist act in blowing up their two Nordstream gas pipelines, and they also have observed since Russia invaded Ukraine, billions of dollars of economic aid and armaments flowing from the Western MIBC into Ukraine to kill their soldiers. For any reader that is tied to the news narratives of MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Economist and the Wall Street Journal, one likely believes all four Glazyev assertions above are Russian propaganda. Most reading this will likely believe some of the above claims to be true and some to be false. In a case where opinion conflicts with reality, the only thing that matters is reality, and the reality is that all Russian brass that constitute their MIB complex likely believes all of the above to be true. And once we understand this, then we can predict, with 100% certainty, that a response is coming.

In my opinion, what form is this response likely to take and where will it happen? Military and biological strikes are out of the question in my opinion as Russian leadership has repeatedly even shown restraint in the war against Ukraine to not cause civilian casualties (though again MIBC propaganda has repeatedly reported stories, with zero proof, of Russian troops raping Ukrainian civilians and committing other atrocities. I am not saying that Russian troops have not committed atrocities and I’m sure both Ukrainian and Russian troops have committed atrocities as war breeds atrocities. I am merely saying many allegations have been made with zero provision of proof and have been believed by the naive). Though I have not stumbled across any mention of this possibility by Glazyev, perhaps because he views this type of counterstrike as a self-evident option, I believe a Russian response in the form of cyberwarfare is the most likely response, especially in light of Russia having many of the best hackers in the entire world.

In fact, without directly alluding to a Russian cyberwarfare attack as a potential response to all of the above offensives launched by the Western MIBC against them, Glazyev stated that an arms race will always result from great shifts in technological advancements that happen once every fifty years in the modern era. And as a consequence, Glazyev stated that in the post-WWII era, a new world war will result about once a century. It has been 84 years since the start of our last world war. But more importantly, in my five part series, “The Truth About Nuclear Energy”, I informed everyone here that China has surpassed the US in GenIV nuclear energy development that will be critical to the global control of one of the most important technological advancements in cheap energy. This advancement alone, as it will determine who rules energy development for the next century, would be sufficient alone for the MIBC to launch a biological strike against China in an attempt to slow down this advancement to allow NATO nations sufficient time to catch up.  And this is why I stated above that Glazyev’s speculation that the coronavirus was a biological attack launched by the MIBC against China is entirely plausible.

Furthermore, over the past few years, I have read multiple reports from multiple sources, Western and Eastern, like here and here, that China’s AI technology has surpassed anything developed in the United States. Thus, given the close relationship of China and Russia, dominance in these two critical technology areas would be more than sufficient to make Eurasia the economic power center of the world for the next century. And unfortunately, this is why my research into Russia’s perspective about this current war in Ukraine has led me to the awful conclusion that the Western MIBC will not stop escalation of the war in Ukraine until they provoke a sufficient response from either China or Russia to draw both into a full blown world war that they believe will lead to the economic destruction of both China and Russia.

Though many people believe that this is a far-fetched hypothesis, the only reason hundreds of millions of citizens that live in NATO nations do not believe that this is a possible consequence of what is happening in Ukraine right now and therefore continue to cheerlead us into a full blown world war, is simply because very few of us have lived through a world war. And it is human nature to discount a very real possibility when we have never experience it during our lifetime, even though the history of world wars informs us of dozens of similarities between the NATO war against Russia in Ukraine right now and the conditions that led to Word War I and World War II. Just because billions around the world choose to bury their hand in the sand about this real and growing possibility does not mean it does not exist. I argued this exact same point about the danger of people keeping the bulk of their savings in the global banking system prior to two banks in Cyprus stealing nearly 50% of savings from all accounts greater than 100,000 euros in 2013, and nearly everyone dismissed my warning simply because this event had not happened in our lifetimes though plenty of evidence in history provided ample warning that it could.

Furthermore, when we think of a full blown world war, we tend to think only of military escalation, because of past world wars, without considering that a full blown world war, with major casualties can occur today through non-conventional warfare due to technological advancements since WWII. Though many don’t want to hear this, after conducting weeks of research into the Russian perspective, I’m fully convinced that the worst possible scenario, a tragic escalation of WWIII into full blown attacks between NATO nations and Russia/China is very possible. Since Putin’s attempts to de-escalate the situation with a simple agreement for Ukraine to demilitarize and not join NATO has been rejected by the Western MIBC, the only possibility for de-escalation versus escalation, lies with the Western MIBC agreeing to peace, and at this current time, this seems to be an impossible outcome, given the real reasons the MIBC has pursued war with Russia outlined in this article. And because citizens, and not the top brass of the Military Industrial Banking Complex will of course bear the brunt of the MIBC’s insanity in pushing the current US/UK war with Russia in Ukraine into a full blown world war, for anyone that wishes to live beyond this decade with a decent quality of life, I highly suggest considering moving out of any highly populated, financially important, technologically important center Russia, China, the US and the UK.

Furthermore, if Russia does not want to poke the biggest NATO bear in launching a counterstrike, given France’s and Poland’s participation in this war against Russia, I would fathom that large cities in France and Poland are also at risk for a Russian counterstrike if Russia wants to launch a smaller scale counterstrike to warn the Military-Industrial-Banking complex machines of the US and the UK that they are taking the world to the brink of a massively destructive World War. As this is a huge decision to uproot one’s entire life to relocate to another city, I’m not asking anyone to blindly believe any of the hypotheses I’m proposing in this article. However, what I am asking all readers of this article to do is to research all the information in this article to become much better informed about this situation to determine the realistic probability of escalation to the point of a Russian counterstrike and to make this decision for yourself. Luckily for Americans, political leadership has already turned San Francisco from one of the best, most beautiful cities in America into a raging hell hole, so Americans are already fleeing this tech center in droves. But because of this, a new tech center will emerge somewhere else in the United States and if you end up living there, I would also reconsider staying in what emerges as the new “tech center” in the United States.

I don’t want to alarm citizens of the US, the UK, Russia, China, France and Poland but as I stated in my last article about why truth never reaches but the smallest cross-sections of people in any nation, if this is the first time you are reading about such an opinion, it is because the MIBC’s censorship machine is working overtime to drown out the voices of all logical analysts that truly understand the basis of the Western MIBC’s war against Russia in Ukraine and to censor any truth from reaching the masses. Just research independent Western analysts that have not been censored by the MIBC controlled media, like the Grayzone’s independent journalists Max Blumenthal and Alexander Rubinstein, retired US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor and former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter. If you listen to these four people that consistently provide counter perspectives to the mass media propaganda disseminated by the mass media pro-eternal war, war machine, you will receive a much more sobering perspective similar to the one I am laying out here.

By nature of the MIBC machine’s control over media today, the number of people that believe lies will always outnumber by thousands to one, the number of people that seek out and find truth, not just about topics of war, but about all topics today, including finance and investing. Just look at all the ignorant Americans and Ukrainians that love Zelensky despite Zelensky literally supporting policies that are ruining his nation’s future simply because the MIBC propaganda machine in America and Ukraine ordered all citizens of NATO nations to love him. Most of these that cheer for more war, chaos and death have zero clue that Zelensky is a complete tyrant that has imprisoned many Ukrainian journalists as well as an American journalist for exposing the truth about him. When a tyrant silences all opposition, truth dies. Zelensky would not even be in power in Ukraine were it not for the singular goal of the Western Military Industrial Banking Complex (MIBC) to maintain its economic hegemony over the entire world. Thus it is in Zelensky’s self-interests to ensure that he destroys his country as much as possible, for the longer the war lasts, the longer he can remain in power and siphon off millions of dollars provided to him by NATO nations into his own pockets, as alleged by investigative journalist Sy Hersh.

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, the Polish-American diplomat responsible for creating Al-Qaeda and Isis terrorists from the mujahideen resistance fighters in Afghanistan during the 1980s and early 1990s clearly elucidated US MIBC policy back then. Though many people dismiss history, to understand all present day wars, we need only study history. Brzezinski stated that in order for the US to prevent Russia from becoming an economic threat, they must dislocate Ukraine as an ally of Russia. Based on Brzezinski’s doctrine, the Western MIBC grew to believe that control of the Eurasian economy would become the central battleground for control of the world’s economy, with no concern for how this was accomplished. By training and providing military training to Nazis in Ukraine to fight Russia, perhaps this could blowback in the future on Israel in the Middle East. If one thing is certain, it is that the “at any cost” mentality of the Western MIBC never considers blowback from current day policies on themselves or any of their allies.  And because of their short-sighted policies, they are not even concerned with strengthening those they perceive as their “enemies” in their relentless pursuit of short-sighted destructive goals. For example, Israel and US intelligence agencies likely provided the code necessary to Russian hackers to now retaliate with a cyberstrike against a NATO nation for this current war in Ukraine by accidently leaking the Stuxnet virus in 2010 they developed to attack the Iranian uranium enrichment program to virtually all blackhats that desired the zero-day code.  Today, Russian hackers may retaliate, with use of this modified code, to execute with a cyberattack against key infrastructure inside the US, the UK, Poland or France today.  It is quite amazing, that for anyone of any intellect, these blueprints for the chaos and destruction the MIBC is sowing today is available in plain sight for anyone to read with very predictable consequences, yet the majority of people in this world still believe exactly the MIBC propaganda they are ordered to believe.


Why a Cyberstrike?

odds of a Russian cyberstrike on a NATO nation are high

Number one, there is no way any objective analyst, given the facts about Russian beliefs regarding the four points above, would conclude that Russia is not already deep into the process of planning a big counterstrike.  And if you read my extensive 5-part energy series, you know that from current actual pre-emptive nuclear strike policies, that the Western MIBC is much more likely to launch a nuclear strike against Russia or China than Russia is against a NATO nation, even though the Western media has flipped this narrative completely upside down. Consequently, I’ve ruled out a pre-emptive nuclear strike from Russia as a response, because it simply is unrealistic at this point and time. However, if Russia fails to counterstrike and they do nothing, they know that this be interpreted as a sign of weakness by the Western MIBC and may perhaps embolden the insane Western MIBC to detonate a dirty bomb on Russian soil in their next phase of attacks. Every reader of my substack newsletter knows from my nuclear energy series that escalating this war against Russia to a dirty bomb attack on Russian soil would serve two purposes for the US/UK MIBC. It would not only kill many innocent Russian citizens, thus perhaps turning the sentiment of citizens inside of Russia against Putin, but it would also serve to turn global sentiment against continuing development of GenIV nuclear energy, the leaders of whom are all non-NATO nations at this point and time. So even though I believe it would be a miscalculation of the MIBC to believe that executing an attack on Russian soil would turn Russian citizens against Putin (I think it would only strengthen Putin’s already extremely high 83% approval rating among Russians), it would stymie not only economic growth in Russia but also economic growth in China, India, Indonesia and other nations in the Eurasian region that the US/UK MIBC knows they must control to continue its global economic domination.

Thus, for the sole purpose of preventing such an attack on the motherland, the Russia MIBC knows it most execute a show of force upon the Western MIBC and to do it soon, either before the end of this year, or the end of next. And though I obviously don’t want to see this materialize, as I’ve stated numerous times before in this article, I do believe that such a counterstrike, given the progressive escalation of NATO’s efforts in Ukraine, if peace is not reached this year, to be extremely high. And the most likely show of force in my opinion, will be an executed cyberattack that cripples critical infrastructure in a major city in the US, the UK, Poland or France, whether it is financial systems, the electrical grid, transit systems, or even sewage treatment and clean water systems. Furthermore, given the skill level of Russian hackers, they likely have the ability to cover their tracks in an executed cyberhack and then to leak propaganda to blame another nation or to claim innocence in this attack. Of a military, biological, or cyber attack, an executed cyberattack, given the skill level of Russian hackers, would have the greatest chance of plausible deniability.

I, along with every single sane person in this world, will continue to lobby for a negotiated peace accord in the next couple of months, as the victims of an executed cyberattack that would suffer its worst consequences would be innocent civilians and none of the insane members of the Western MIBC that desire such an attack to occur in order to bring the entire world into a full blow World War simply for the sake of maintaining economic hegemony over the world.  However, the way I have interpreted Glazyev’s musings is that, just as there was no chance in stopping the British Empire from triggering WWI due to their mission of maintaining empire, there is little chance, at this point, in stopping the US/UK MIBC from escalating the offensive in Ukraine into a full blown World War. As I’ve stated, the only thing that matters is if Russia and China also believe, at this point, that there is little to no chance in preventing a new World War. And the Western MIBC has given them zero signal to think otherwise at this point. Thus, from all of Glazyev’s essays that I’ve read and interviews to which I’ve listened, it appears that he believes a forceful retaliatory strike on the soil of a NATO nation is the only solution that can prevent a full blown world war, as only a forceful strike, and not negotiations for peace, can give bloodthirsty members of the Western MIBC any pause.



In order to continue their economic growth, Glazyev has mentioned that it is necessary not only for Russia to abandon the US dollar, but that China must do so as well. Glazyev has noted how the US/UK stole Venezuela’s gold housed at the Bank of England and seized Venezuelan, Afghani, Iranian and now Russian foreign reserves, and how this should serve as adequate warning for all Eurasian nations that neither access to their USD reserves or their continued reliance on the SWIFT system should be considered as stable. Glazyev states that if other nations realize they no longer need to be controlled by their commitment to USD reserves, then these nations will also gain freedom from reliance on US multinational corporations, the US dollar and all US technology because these gaps that could not be filled by non-NATO nations in prior decades can now be adequately filled by non-NATO nations. He has stated that since other Asian nations now have equaled and/or surpassed many Western nations in technology development that 100% of the economic needs of all Eurasian needs can now be met by non-NATO nations.

Thusly, Glazyev had advocated for Eurasian nations to no longer to pin their economic future to US companies and the USD, talk that has likely hardened the resolve of the MIBC to escalate their war against Russia and China to destroy both economically. Glazyev also forwarded the reason why Donald Trump will never win the upcoming 2024 US Presidential elections. Glazyev stated that Trump infuriated the US/UK MIBC when he killed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, an essential cog in their New World Order (that does not include Eurasian nations) that would have given multinational corporations more power than sovereign governments. However, despite Trump serving the MIBC’s agenda in demonizing China during Covid (as every top Democratic and Republican party candidate in the 2024 elections, other than RFK Jr. will likely demonize China as well as part of their campaign), this one act alone ensures that the MIBC will do everything in their power to ensure that Trump is not elected in 2024.

As I have stated my suspicions that the Bank of Russia’s Elvira Nabiullina has been compromised by the Western MIBC, Glazyev has on numerous occasions indirectly confirmed my suspicions by accusing the Bank of Russia of not only assisting the efforts of US hedge funds to make massive profits off of ruble speculation by allowing them to repeatedly buy rubles at 90 rubles per USD and then selling them at 125 rubles, but also of serving the US/UK MIBCs interest in influencing the price of gold, oil, industrial metals and grains in the direction desired by the Western MIBC. I cannot say, however that Glazyev has confirmed my suspicions of Nabiullina because he has thus far, refused to directly name her as the weak link inside the Bank of Russia. Glazyev has also spoken of, multiple times, the need of non-NATO nations to form an alternative currency backed by a basket of commodities consisting of 16 to 20 different commodities. To this, I have always stated that such a dream is far-fetched because Western bankers clearly have control over the prices of these commodities as set in New York and London. In this opinion, I highly disagree with Glazyev, because it would be far easier to free the prices of one or two commodities, like gold and silver, from the control of the Western MIBC and solely use the price of one or two commodities to back a non-NATO currency than to simultaneously free the prices of 16 to 20 commodities from the grip of the Western MIBC. Thus, a new gold-backed system that utilizes the blockchain to vet it is a much more realistic option to form a new non-NATO currency in my humble opinion. If a much more realistic endeavor such as this is attempted, then yes, Glazyev’s dream of an international trading partnership that no longer allows the Western MIBC to weaponize access to US multinational companies’ goods and services, a dependency upon the USD to transact internationally, and access to global financial transaction service platforms like SWIFT can indeed become a reality.

Living in the Eastern hemisphere for 15 years was essential to my ability to become a far better analyst, as it literally is impossible in my opinion, to become a decent financial analyst, let alone an average one, if you’ve lived your entire life within the borders of the nation in which you were born. If one spends one entire life living in the same nation, it will be nearly impossible to escape the cultural thinking that exists inside that nation. Living in the Eastern hemisphere exposed me to different perspectives and thought patterns to which someone that grows up in the Western hemisphere will never be exposed. I often feel, though I cannot know for sure, that those that push back against my views the strongest in the comments section have never lived abroad for a few years in a culture completely different from the one in their motherland. I am not stating this because I believe my perspectives are always correct and that people that push back against my views are incorrect. Of course, that’s a silly perspective to assume as every analyst is fallible. I state this because those that push back the hardest against the views I present here on my platform seem to lack any type of open mindedness in considering the validity of an opinion that differs from their own. And the greatest lessons I learned living in SE Asia for 15 years that contributed the most to my professional advancement as an analyst was the realization that a lot of my Western formulated beliefs from earlier in my life and youth were completely wrong.

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