"If I Were The Deep State"

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Wednesday, Jul 26, 2023 - 12:31
Trump points at press corps.

The Left Can't Meme

An anonymous Redditor explained once why the left can't meme: in a nutshell, memes expose aspects of reality in a humorous or otherwise compelling way, and leftist politics is based on denial of reality (on sex, race, IQ, etc.). 

Why the Left can't meme.

Perhaps that's why the Biden administration decided to prosecute one of the more effective meme-makers of the 2016 election cycle, Douglass Mackey. 

If you're wondering what the aspect of reality reflected in Mackey's vote from home meme was, it was that the Democrats' base was not particularly bright or conscientious--of course, the irony is that the Dems effectively legalized voting from home in 2020 with their mail-in ballots. 

Meme Magic Returns 

The Democrats' use of mail-in ballots is one of the topics tackled in the new meme video below, by Trump supporters @Lauren3veMemes and the Dilley Meme Team. Let's hope they don't face Douglass Mackey's fate for this, because it's very well done. 

In the event YouTube takes down the video above, the same video is also embedded in the tweet below. 

As reader "Pritchard's Ghost" notes in the comments, this is a riff on Paul Harvey's classic "If I Were The Devil" monologue.

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