Jason Aldean And Refighting America's Civil War

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Friday, Jul 28, 2023 - 18:33
Jason Aldean and General William T. Sherman
What does Jason Aldean have to do with Ulysses Grant?

The Confederacy As A Proxy For White America

A key to understanding current-year American politics is that a large swath of Americans hates the founding population of America. You can see this in reactions to Jason Aldean's hit "Try That In A Small Town" and in the removal of statues and monuments (which started with the removal of Confederate monuments, but as President Trump predicted, moved on to the removal of statues of America's Founders, such as Thomas Jefferson

Ironically, as I noted in my post on Aldean's hit last week (Try That In A Small Town), the rural whites who are descendants of the men who settled America tend to be less racist than newer Americans who look down on them: 

Jason Aldean is an avatar of the kind of Americans who help out their neighbors of all races when disaster strikes, as the "Cajun Navy" has during floods in the South. 



Why would the Media Medusa would want to attack and radicalize them? 

To answer my question there, attacking rural whites does make some sense from the Democrats' perspective. As the journalist Steve Sailer has pointed out, the Democrats are essentially a "coalition of the fringes"--groups that have little in common with each other, so they need a common enemy to unite against. 

What's interesting, though, is that you also see this hostility among some diverse Republicans now, such as the one who tweeted the meme with Union Civil War Ulysses Grant replying to Jason Aldean. As "Garak Obama" pointed out in his quote tweet below, this kind of meme is motivated by hatred of rural white conservatives. 

Retconning The Civil War 

Garak Obama elaborated on how Diverse America uses the Civil War as a cudgel against Legacy America in the thread below. The photo he leads with, of elderly Union and Confederate veterans shaking hands on the site of the battle at Gettysburg, is instructive. The North and South made peace with each other, and honoring the heroes of the South was part of that. Those whose ancestors weren't here during the Civil War but pick at its scabs anyway have a more evil agenda. 

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