Is This the Technocracy's Hidden Ace in the Global Anti-Meat Agenda?

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Tuesday, Aug 08, 2023 - 17:33

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Last week, I covered elsewhere the CDC's warning of a rise in an allergy called alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), ostensibly triggered by a bite from a particular species of tick called the Lone Star Tick.

Via CDC:

"During January 1, 2017–December 31, 2022, a total of 357,119 tests were submitted from residences in the United States, corresponding to 295,400 persons. Overall, 90,018 (30.5%) persons received a positive test result in the study period, and the number of persons with positive test results increased from 13,371 in 2017 to 18,885 in 2021. Among 233,521 persons for whom geographic data were available, suspected cases predominantly occurred in counties within the southern, midwestern, and mid-Atlantic U.S. Census Bureau regions. These data highlight the evolving emergence of AGS and can be used to help state and local health agencies initiate surveillance and target public health outreach and health care provider education to high-risk localities…

The number of AGS cases in the United States is predicted to increase during the coming years, presenting a critical need for synergistic public health activities including 1) community education targeting tick bite prevention to reduce the risk for acquiring AGS, 2) HCP education to improve timely diagnosis and management, and 3) improved surveillance to aid public health decision-making."

Here are two stone-cold facts you can take to the bank:

·       The CDC's feigned concern over AGS is not about actual public health because the CDC isn't in the business of promoting public health. It's in the business of pharmaceutical profiteering and social control – and business is booming.

·       When the CDC warns of an unexplained rise in a particular allergy in a major PR rollout in conjunction with its partners in the corporate state media, hold onto your hats because it's almost certainly got some nefarious angle it's pursuing.

Via ABC News:

“The burden of alpha-gal syndrome in the United States could be substantial given the large percentage of cases suspected to be going undiagnosed due to non-specific and inconsistent symptoms, challenges seeking healthcare, and lack of clinician awareness,” Dr. Johanna Salzer, senior author on both CDC studies, said in a statement. “It’s important that people who think they may suffer from AGS see their healthcare provider or an allergist, provide a detailed history of symptoms, get a physical examination, and a blood test that looks for specific antibodies (proteins made by your immune system) to alpha-gal.”

Okay, so combine the alleged rise in red meat allergy with the all-out war the technocrats are waging against meat consumption:

·       CNN demands pet owners feet Fido zhe bugs for climate change

·       The Irish government wants to sacrifice 65,000 cows to the climate change gods in a neo-pagan ritual

·       The US government recently granted first-of-its-kind regulatory approval for lab-grown meat

Combine the anti-meat propaganda and the AGS warning from the CDC with the numerous blacksite US biolabs scattered abroad – of the sort that unleashed COVD-19 on the world -- doing God knows what with public money.

… And the picture begins to paint itself, no?

If The Science™ can manage a method of inserting the molecule that causes AGS -- galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose – into a vehicle for widespread dissemination to the public (using Bill Gates' genetically altered mosquitoes, for instance), is there anyone with half a mind who doesn't believe they'd unleash it on the world?

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