Are COVID-19 Vaccines Causing the Surge in Red Meat Allergies?

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Friday, Aug 18, 2023 - 17:19

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Here is a trio of interrelated stories I have covered recently at Armageddon Prose:

·       The CDC is warning of a sudden spike in rates of  alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), an allergy to red meat ostensibly triggered by a bite from a species of tick called the Lone Star Tick

·       An NYU bioethcist wants to (presumably covertly) trigger red meat allergies in the public through bioengineering using the Lone Star Tick as a template for "climate change"

·       The unelected, multinational technocrats would like to replace red meat consumption with lab-grown analogs and/or mealworms for "climate change"

The CDC has offered no rationale for why AGS would suddenly be exploding among the US population. But perhaps this might shed some light on the matter.

Via CDC:

"Some medications and vaccines may contain small amounts of alpha-gal-containing additives, stabilizers, or coatings. Not all patients with AGS react to these ingredients."

The lone star tick has been around for eons, so, again,  there is no ostensible reason why AGS-induced meat allergies would suddenly be spiking. Doubtless, the powers that be will blame it on climate change or whatever, but anyone with any sense long ago ceased taking anything they say at face value.

So, a vaccine is administered that, by definition, is designed to trigger an immune response. Said vaccine contains alpha-gal, the molecule that triggers AGS. Cases of AGS have skyrocketed, by the CDC's estimation, since the COVID-19 shots came online two years ago.

Do the math.

To the extent it can be proven that Liao and his cronies in Public Health™ are actively facilitating his vision and not just talking, he and everyone involved need to be legally quarantined from society by whatever means necessary. People like this are more dangerous than a million garden-variety murderers.

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