Siding With Hamas: Looks Like The Left Miscalculated

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Wednesday, Oct 11, 2023 - 7:53
Pro-Hamas tweet by Chicago BLM
Pro-Hamas tweet by Chicago BLM (the parachutist alludes to Hamas's airborne attack on the Supernova EDM festival last weekend). 

Submitted by Portfolio Armor:

Has The Left Gone Too Far?

As Zero Hedge reported yesterday, reported last night, Black Lives Matter's pro-Hamas tweets have attracted the attention of Elon Musk. 

BLM Chicago wasn't the only leftwing organization to express support for Hamas. 

Fanon was an Afro-Caribbean Marxist who advocated massacres as an essential part of decolonization. 

It Looks Like It May Cost Them

Unfortunately for leftists in college and grad schools, their pro-Hamas messages have also attracted the attention of future employers. 

Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman and others started demanding the names of the students behind the Harvard organizations that published pro-Hamas statements. 

And it is starting to impact their employment prospects. 

An early casualty was the president of NYU Law School’s Student Bar Association, Ryna Workman (previously known as "Lauryn Workman"). 

Shortly after word got out about her pro-Hamas statement, the law firm where she was going to work rescinded its offer. 

An Apparent Miscalculation 

As our friend Isaac Simpson pointed out, these sorts of pro-Hamas messages might have gone over with less resistance had this been a typically ineffective terrorist attack, but the scale and savagery of this one finally made some American elites rethink their tolerance for leftist endorsement of political violence. 

Maybe if we're lucky, they'll start pushing back against the endorsement of BLM violence in America. 

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