Preserving the Statist Quo

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by quoth the raven
Monday, Nov 20, 2023 - 15:17

Submitted by QTR's Fringe Finance, Written By Jeremy Powell, Mises Institute

Regardless of one’s opinion on Israel and Palestine, people can agree that killing innocent civilians, wherever they’re from, is horrible, and whoever takes hostages for bargaining chips in negotiations is a horrific human being.

Such is the case of the ongoing siege of Gaza. One has to wonder why Hamas decided that the best course of action was to commit atrocities and kidnap civilians, only to elicit a response amounting to war crimes against Gaza, where most of the people didn’t approve of their actions. While Hamas is starting to realize what they did might contribute to the end of Gaza as we know it, some people disagree and argue that what happened in Southern Israel was justified.

Of course, I’m talking about the next generation of scholars, doctors, and engineers from oversubsidized universities demonstrating their solidarity with Palestine. First came the Chicago branch of the disgraced Black Lives Matter posting on Twitter (now X) an image of a Palestinian riding a paraglider and celebrating the attack as an attempt to “decolonize” Palestine. The intersectional crowd turned the matter into “solidarity” between reproductive, LGBT, black, etc. rights and “Hamas liberators,” appearing no better than an idea from the editors of the Babylon Bee.

Behold, the “working class” was even corrected by longtime democratic socialists on numerous occasions. Antiwar skeptics on both the left and right are quick to point out that Hamas was initially a project funded by Tel Aviv intended to justify annexing the Gaza Strip. Ex-reporter from The Intercept Lee Fang (and others) pointed out that the incoherence of the woke solidarity crowd showed that they neither understand how reactionary Hamas is nor realize there is not a similar precedent for blacks in the US. Pretty much everyone on the right and portions of the antiwar left had either laughed at or corrected the woke crowd.

But those were only corrections for an ever more narcissistic crowd of activists who don’t know much other than basing their worldviews on questionable ideologies. They may have received a free ticket for rioting throughout 2020 because Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots were politically correct, but attacking the golden calf of the foreign policy establishment will take them nowhere. When Ivy League activists went out justifying the attack on Israel, it didn’t take long for the benefactors of those universities to inquire about their behavior and pull funding. Then came damaging implications for many of the protestors, where well-known companies demanded names to be put on their blacklist, damaging their career choices (at least for the time being).

While I don’t back blacklisting naïve and idiotic students living in a coddled environment, there is a sense of irony for the people who supported BLM riots and justified it by talking about insurance without knowing anything about insurance or the plight of middle-class business owners and workers. It is hilarious that the people who advocated throwing milkshakes at political opponents and shutting down other perspectives in a debate are at the receiving end of tactics they utilize. No doubt, libertarians and antiwar right-wingers should take note that those corporations and billionaires had little problem with BLM riots, as evidenced by...(READ THIS FULL PIECE HERE)

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